Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drifting From Town To Town

More bitching to be heard about new street signage, no doubt.
Stolen from The Militant Angeleno.
 (And OMG, it's the Federal Gov't. messing things up, wouldn'cha know!) We usually know where we're going (Places we don't go include cookie-cutter suburbs & sub-divisions, so we usually can tell where in hell we are.) but there are times when one may not realize which specific shithole one is passing through.
Second, they are the first Los Angeles street signage to acknowledge the City of Los Angeles outright. Very important in this region of nearly 90 suburbs, satellite cities and unincorporated areas, of which street signage is the one of two tell-tale ways to know exactly which city you are in (calling 9-1-1 and seeing which police department shows up is the other, but The Militant doesn't recommend you do that...).

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