It seems obvious that those two undefeated powerhouses, San Francisco and Denver, will meet in the Super Bowl. But who's going to win the coveted Bottom Ten title?

You have to favor Detroit. Not only are the Lions 0-2, but they also have lost 19 straight games, just seven short of the record held by the 1976-77 Grampa Bay Bucs flowerhouses.

It won't be easy catching the Bucs. The Lions first have to get beaten by No. 6 Washington, which is coming off a thrilling 9-7 victory over the St. Louis Lambs.

The Skins (1-1) are still in the running for the BT crown, making this a must-lose game for both sides.

Rumor has it that Redskins owner Dan Snyder may sack Coach Jim Zorn and replace him with Washington Huskies legend Steve Sarkisian.

Biggest surprise of the early BT contenders is winless Miami (Fla.), with its innovative -- and inept -- offensive weapon, the kittycat formation.

Wreck (Record); Last Loss; Next Loss

1. Detroit (0-2); 13-27, Minnehaha; Washington

2. St. Louis (0-2); 7-9, Washington; Green Bay

3. Cleveland (0-2); 6-27, Denver; Baltimore

4. Grampa Bay (0-2); 20-33, Buffalo; N.J. Giants

5. Jacksonville (0-2); 17-31, Arizona; Houston

6. Washington (1-1); 7. Miami (0-2); 8. Kansas City (0-2); 9. Oakland (1-1); 10. San Diego, LB Shawne Merriman (0 solo tackles vs. Baltimore, compared to 10 for the Ravens' Ray Lewis).

Crummy Game of the Week: Washington (1-1) at Detroit (0-forever).

Fantasy flops: RB Steve Slaton (Houston), 17 carries, 34 yards, no touchdowns; QB Tony Romo (Dallas), 13 of 29 for 127 yards, three interceptions, one touchdown; WR Randy Moss (New England), four catches for 24 yards, no touchdowns. This is Slaton's second straight week on the list. Congrats!

Special citation: A caller to Sirius radio's "Movin' the Chains" theorized on why Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell had no interceptions against Kansas City while completing only seven of 24 passes: His passes were so wild, even defenders couldn't get to the ball.