Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Telebision Skies I

The Bouffant family didn't have a telebision until mid-1964, so this was before the then-eight-yr.-old me's era; nonetheless, other than Ichabod and Me & Oh! Those Bells I was aware of the rest.

Betcha every one of these people are dead, even the civilians on the game shows, w/ the exception of Dobie Gillis's Hickman bros. (Darryl's 89, Dwayne's 87) & Sheila Kuehl, a mere 80 & still an L.A. County Supervisor, & of course Dick Van Dyke.

Don't blame "Boomers" for this horseshit; it may well have destroyed their minds, but it was their fucking parents' generation who fabricated it & shoved it down their throats.Of serious interest: At (4:40) To Tell The Truth. Yes, it's Hank Ballard, an inspiration to James Brown & Florence Ballard's cousin, albeit in his role as composer of The Twist rather than what real Americans know him for: Smut!
Spotted at NEWS FROM me.

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