Monday, July 12, 2021

Today's Evil Corporate Entity

Maybe it isn't murder, but this sounds viciously criminal to me, rather than something for civil court. And as almost always, note the filthy hypocrisy, as I've emphasized.
The 4-year-old had been strangled by a noose used to restrain dogs during grooming. Twenty-six minutes near the end of the fluffy white dog’s life were captured on video that the California chain allegedly uses to make sure its employees work quickly enough.

Margolis is a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging that the Culver City-based chain — a self-described “natural pet store inspiring healthy pet lifestyles” — has a “conveyor-belt style approach to dog grooming” that results in “serious injuries and deaths of innocent, vulnerable dogs, devastating their owners.”

Healthy Spot has 20 stores in the state, most in L.A. County. The lawsuit alleges that the 13-year-old chain encourages employees “to put profits over safety of the dogs they groom.”

[L.A. Times]

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