Saturday, February 6, 2021

Time Long Like Rope

Maybe if Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. hadn't taken its sweet fucking time (Two-&-a-half days?) "picking" my order of a mere five items I'd be working on the proverbial railroad now rather than bitching, moaning & raising my blood pressure.
Unlike the uninformative jerks at U.P.S., FedEx provides an update every 12 hrs.

Further agony: The iNternet advises us that Walnut is "32 min. (25.5 mi.) via CA-60 W" from Los Angeles. It's Sat. fucking afternoon, why must I wait until Tuesday for my goods? FedEx SmartPost, meaning it takes an extra day because the package is transferred to the U.S.P.S. for final delivery, is why. At least the letter carriers knock when the pkg. is delivered, & the Postal Service makes some money.

Another Western railroad screwed by the Mid-Western interests & trusts. Plus ça change, hein? 

Added excruciating detail: Waiting for background bldgs. (represented here by cardboard boxes & paper).
Once painted, glued together & installed the tracks that run through/in front of them can be laid, & the rest of the yard will follow. This reporter is almost excited.

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