Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Firesign Freak-Out

SpentWasted some time this p.m. searching, as they say,
for medication & relief.
  • County Dep't. of Public Health Points of Distribution - None near me. 
  • Other Large-Scale Sites                                                - Ditto. 
  • L.A.F.D. Sites (Walk-in)                                               - Same as above. 
  • Community Clinics - Gee-zus, this neighborhood is very underserved. 
  • Pharmacies (The only sites w/in walking/reasonable public transport distance of the bunker are pharmacies.) O.K. then; private enterprise will certainly have it handled! My ass. I doubt if any pharmacies have any supply of the vaccine, considering none of them have appointments available, & every Ralphs on some page had the same no app'ts. available at this time message.
This reporter has seen three UCLA Health croakers, at locations in downtown L.A., on La Cienega Blvd. & in Beverly Hills, but UCLA Health can only distribute vaccines in these far away & pretty white/monied areas?
This doesn't help lower the blood presure at all. Neither does hearing Joe Biden yapping about how great everything is w/ all the vaccines. Bomb some fucking Russian-backed domestic militias, Joe, & get to work on putting some of that shit in my arm.

I'll just note that as far as medication & relief go, I was able to have some powerful (& quite citrus-y) medication delivered to the front door of the bunker w/in mins. of placing an on-line order. You'd better Build Back Better than that, Biden.

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