Thursday, February 25, 2021

Not Even Diagnosable, Just A Bored Idiot W/ Too Much Time On Her Hands

Big ol' fan of Jesus too. And therefore a total hypocrite.
She called “Jesus Christ … my lord and savior.” She called her husband “the love of my life.”

The next year, she cheated on him. According to court records, they were separated by March.

Stating in her complaint that her marriage was “irretrievably broken,” she filed for divorce in July. To lessen a noticeable overbite, she got braces in August*. Abruptly reversing course, she agreed to an attempt to reconcile with her husband in September.

The fulcrum of this evident frenzy was CrossFit. Jim Chambers told me he met Greene that year when he bought a gym, or “box,” in the industry lingo, at which she was trying to be a trainer, a part-time part of the staff. Greene, it was immediately clear to Chambers, and to anybody else who cared to notice, he told me, was engaged in extramarital activity with one trainer and then another. (Last year, The New Yorker reported that she had these affairs. This month, The Daily Mail named the two men.)

“It wasn’t being hid,” Chambers told me.

“I saw her stick her tongue down the throats” of the men, he tapped into a post on social media after Greene started running for office—screenshots of which began to ping from phone to phone of interested GOP operatives.

*Uh, Margie, you possibly steroided mutant phony, if it's so, so wrong for people to change the gender Gawd gave them, isn't it as wrong to change the teeth (or hair color) Gawd gave you?

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