Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Current 'hood.And from a previous (almost our first in L.A.) 'hood, the Sunset Grill, which was just half a block to Sunset from the Martel Regency & then a block & a half west, past the one-time Oriental Theatre, which continued its "Always 2 Features" policy
until it closed & became the Guitar Center in 1985. 

But I was remembering the Sunset Grill, or, as it was known by the brace of Hollywood High alums w/ whom I hung in those days, Joe's, after the Hungarian (in his sixties in the late '70s) guy who, w/ his wife, ran the place. Why so yummy? Not sure. Joe would take two pre-formed patties & mush them into one w/ a roller, then sprinkle the resultant burger w/ stuff from a cup-sized shaker. So damn good I would often order another & eat it right then & there. Which, in retrospect, leads me to think it might've been a dash or two of MSG in that big shaker making it delish & still leaving one hungry. And I usually visited for Sat. breakfast, often following a Fri. more devoted to non-solid than solid consumption. Now it's a fucking gastro-pub, disgracing the Sunset Grill name. 

As far as the Kiwi Transplant's work, looks like the original to me.
Wright’s bedroom serves as a makeshift studio as he sets off to recreate L.A.’s iconic buildings. Photo courtesy of Kieran Wright.

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