Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sat. Nite Rock-Rock Rock-Rock
Rock & Roll Lobotomy

"It's the dues you've got to pay, for eatin' burgers every day."
— The Dictators
Joey Ramone died in 2001, Dee Dee overdosed in 2002, Johnny lost his battle with prostate cancer two years later and only last year, founding drummer Tommy passed away.
Meaning that Marky is not not not an original Ramone, no matter the headline of this probably worth reading if you're the sort who likes that sort of thing interview.
Can we talk a bit about the Voidoids? Specifically Bob Quine? He might be my favorite guitar player. His stuff on those two Lou Reed records, “New York” and “The Blue Mask.” Also, the big Matthew Sweet record (“Girlfriend”) and obviously “Blank Generation.” Nobody sounded like him and nobody sounds like him today.

He came out of the box. Out of the cage. He really let loose with his Stratocaster. He knew how to play it properly.
Meaning also that all the Ramones are dead, yet only half the Beatles & Who each & not even half the Stones (even counting founding member Ian Stewart).

Blame New York?

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