Thursday, February 26, 2015

Creepy Paranoid A-Hole Convention Convenes

Guessing the amount of drool generated by these cretins could raise sea level were it released. Does the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center have to put plastic over everything, or charge added deposits for drool damage to rooms?

Education Policy.

Insert Depends® Joke Here

Here is an interesting factual sort of thing (We type "factual" because it's from POLITICO, & was the only thing of eight worth the look.)
5) Will Mike Huckabee be missed? Or are there no longer enough social conservatives at CPAC to care?Many social conservatives have felt increasingly marginalized at CPAC. What used to be a true big-tent event has been hijacked by libertarians, they believe. And the president of the pro-gay marriage Log Cabin Republicans will be speaking on a panel this year.

Those are some of the reasons why there are several more conferences and cattle calls for “values voters” than there used to be in Washington. And now that CPAC isn’t the only game in town any more, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee can justify skipping it.
Dime Store Psychology of the Right: Hatred of poor & working people in general doesn't seem to be enough for the theocratssocial conservatives. Do they need more specific (&, very conveniently, smaller) groups to fear & scapegoat than the libertarians w/ their more generalized contempt? Someone should look into that. Preferably w/ a painful & intrusive probe or operation of some sort.



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Letting someone we don't like speak at our Krazy Klown Konvention is a hate crime against patriotic Amerkins!!1!!

Unknown said...

In other Arizona news*, "...distraught students were nearly in tears when he said nothing could be done to restore their Internet connection."

*As my brother said, "Why the fuck are loose llamas national news?"**

**Sheriff Joe joke? They caught the black one first...

BadTux said...

A comment on a post comparing Comic Con to CPAC (the conservative conclave happening right now): "Don't insult Comic Con! At Comic Con people are dressed up as monsters. At CPAC monsters are dressed up as people."

These are the same people, one of whom said he opposes public education and when asked by me, "how can you do this to the children of the poor? They didn't ask to be born poor!" he replied "They should have chosen to be born to rich parents then." As if they had a choice.

Delusional. Out of touch. And monsters.
Enough said.

- Badtux the "They're scum" Penguin