Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Right-Wing Nut-Job Backgrounder

The rest of the story/The More You Know/I.C.Y.M.I.: We refer you to this item from some ten mos. ago concerning latest desert state idiot legislator, the pride of Nevada's Fourth District, Michele Fiore. You know, the cancer is a fungus, use bicarb on it lady. Oh, did we type "lady?"
Heh. Honest mistake.

Only saw this as a headline, & did not realize she was the one so worried about the "hot little girls". Because no one who wasn't young hot & little has ever been raped?

Other legislatin' loons of the Intermountain West who've been in the sun long enough to be tetched in the haid & recently made the news include Wyoming's "When hell freezes over, homos!!" guy who got a mention here, & Idaho's own anatomical ace Vito Barbieri. (No more an American name then Rodolfo Giuliani. Was Vito brought up to love this country?)

Just, I dunno, wear a hat or something when you're outside, representatives of the people, or the little that is left of your brains is going to evaporate.


Weird Dave said...

Does she get paid to do that?

mikey said...

Um, if you make a campaign contribution you get to play with her boobs?


M. Bouffant said...

Disgusted (Yet Fascinated) Editor:
I wonder if that little scene has anything to do w/ her "home health care" service, if you know what I mean.