Saturday, February 14, 2015

I See The Light Come Shining ...

HAH!! After several phone calls, talking to five different humanoids & an unnecessary trip to get a newdifferent modem, the problem was unresolved & a visit from a technician was afoot (1000-1100 tomorrow, credit them for not saying, uh, next Thurs. sometime).
Then about 0120 I noticed the Wi-Fi lights on the modem were on. Guessing that one of many resets & restorations finally took at TimeWarnerCable H.Q. after a three-to-six-hr. delay. Restored so thoroughly that the password was back to the first one, which meant trouble signing in. I suppose all the other resets will go through while I sleep & tomorrow the modem will want a password no one will be able to find.

Misery loves cable companies. Me, the hell w/ this typing crap, now the Wi-Fi is is restored I'ma finish watching every Gojira movie at Crackle via Chromecast. Happy Valentine's Day!