Monday, February 23, 2015

First, Terrorists In Our Malls,
Now We Must Be Scared In Our
Public Restrooms

We kid you not:
"They’re in our public restrooms today,” he said about transgender people. “The fear is just that. It’s crazy.”
And who would that he be? Why, a Crank, it appears.
To assuage people’s fears, former Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank also suggested an amendment – a version of which the committee adopted – that stated SF115 cannot be used as a defense if someone’s caught misbehaving in a bathroom.
Also, the rest of the story, or what the Casper Star-Tribune thought was the headline-grabber:
Rep. Harlan Edmonds, R-Cheyenne, was kicked out of the House Labor, Health and Social Services meeting Friday, after proposing an amendment to the bill that would make it effective when “hell freezes over,” instead of the date of July 1.
Rep. Edmonds wants you to know he's a Christian, in case you think Reformed Presbyterianism is some devil-worshiping stuff:
Religion: Reformed Presbyterian/Christian
Who says Republicans don't have a sense of humor?

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