Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beyond The Valley Of The Jaded & Dull

Last night's activities:
Saturday January 3
Atomic Sherpas "Wish Granter" record release party
4pm Doors [Open, not the band. Jimbo was not making a from-the-grave appearance, but he'd've fit right in.
— M.B.]
5pm Somos Mysteriosos
6pm The Probe
7pm Sweet and Cruel
8pm Double Naught Spy Car
9pm Mike Watt + The Missingmen
10pm Saccharine Trust
11pm The Atomic Sherpas
Midnight - Sherpas Alumni and Extended Family
High-Points: Make-one's-own tacos, free.

First outfit scrutinized (last 10 mins. of their set) Sweet and Cruel, were a "noise" band. Nice noise, but note well, boys: Especially if it's weird & noisy, turning it up to eleven isn't necessary. Or if you hate your audience/humanity in general that much (As you most certainly should) hit the fucking streets & beat random strangers. Stop sublimating your real desires, do what thou wilt, yada. (Passive-aggressive jerks: Get w/ the aggro or get out!) [Aaagh, intended to cut those as redundant & non-laconic & save for something else. — Ed.]

Double-Nought-Spy-Car played a tune using the Peter Gunn riddim, otherwise heard it all before, although not from them, who have been playing around & about the City of Night for I can't remember how long (therefore an eternity) but have never seen or heard until. (Heard Peter Gunn before too, but ...)

Mike Watt & the Missingmen covered "The Red And The Black" & then brought on a guy blowing a sax. (No idea who, probably wouldn't have recognized him if I could've seen over the crowd because these people have all gotten old.) Good blowing; didn't blow nearly long enough.

Low-Points: Everything the fuck else. (Brews were reasonably priced from a reasonable selection, I'll admit.) In the interest of fairness, Hot Date (Attendance at event her idea in the first place.) wanted to leave after 2200 so we didn't catch Saccharine Trust, the Atomic Sherpas or the jam session; last time I saw the Sherpas (another seeming eternity, certainly several yrs.) they were quite keen & pretty nifty.

No photos because why fucking bother.

Conclusion: Never leaving the bunker again, & cheese'n'crackers knock it off already music is over!

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Nice to see Mike Watt is still active.