Friday, August 16, 2013

"Too Gay" Church Follow Up

We're certain the audience has been on the edge of her/his seat for three wks. short of two yrs. hoping this would be resolved.

Reality check: Surprised we remember covering* it, 'though we've passed this corner literally thousands of times.
Crescent Heights Methodist Church (B.T. Indrelunas via Flickr)
Police arrived today to evict the former pastor of Crescent Heights United Methodist Church in West Hollywood; the mostly LGBT congregation was officially dissolved in 2011 but has continued to meet in dwindling numbers, according to City News Service.

The official United Methodist church leadership, which "discontinued" the Crescent Heights congregation in 2011, has been trying to remove former Pastor Scott Imler from the building; he defied an eviction notice that expired in September of 2012.
More about the money-grubbing real estate moguls in the Temple of the United Methodists, yada.

*For lack of a better word.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Maybe they can convert the church into a disco.