Saturday, August 24, 2013

Helping Those Who Help Themselves

The head croaker in charge of the N.I.H. is being a worry-wart about "sequestration."
"If you want to convert this into real meaningful numbers, that means people are going to die of influenza five years from now because we don't yet have the universal vaccine," he said. "And God help us if we get a worldwide pandemic that emerges in the next five years, which takes a long time to prepare a vaccine for. If we had the universal vaccine, it would work for that too.
Common sense tells us a pandemic is Gawd's way of helping all of us.

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mikey said...

Maybe so, but letting wingnuts decide that it's more important to let the obscenely rich die of influenza with an extra $100 million in their pocket rather than a rational society developing a vaccine to prevent that pandemic and having that rich motherfucker have to go on with only a few billion dollars to keep him warm at night is not the world I'm willing to choose.

I still say it's time to start setting fire to shit...