Thursday, January 31, 2013

Relativity Report

Apparently once one is over the hill & picking up speed in the race to the bottom time passes faster as well. Already the first mo. of the new yr. is behind us, & we barely noticed it whipping by.


Substance McGravitas said...


Brendan Keefe said...

I was working the 4pm-midnight shift last night, and as usual, we were a few minutes late in getting everything done, so into that overtime I tossed the throwaway line, "Hey, it's next month already."

There was a fair bit of consternation (mostly rent-related, admittedly, but it felt a little more generalized, as well) among everyone in earshot, about all of whom it would be inaccurate to say were near the apex, let alone on the downslope, your humble servant excluded.

Anyway, you are not alone, is the point. i think it is characteristic of human life, at least once past puberty, that the minutes drag and the months fly by.