Monday, August 27, 2012

The Real Victim

Have yet to watch whatever the hell happened this a.m. on hideous Morning Joe, but it's all over the electron tubes & it really ticked off both Matt Lewis & The News. Hell, they were so mad they forgot to refute any of Tweety M.'s "relentless attacks" & just went ahead w/ the personal attacking.
If you haven’t seen Chris Matthew’s embarrassing meltdown on “Morning Joe” this am [sic], it’s worth a watch — if you can stomach it. RNC Chair Reince Priebus handled the relentless attacks as well as possible (several times Matthews interrupted host Joe Scarborough — in order to press his points). Most people being accused of playing the “race card” wouldn’t maintain their composure as well as Preibus did. Still, one wonders why he would ever volunteer to endure such an interrogation (it was a monologue, really) again? This poses a real problem for “Morning Joe.” Unlike MSNBC’s prime time lineup, the show has generally been able to attract top-tier Republicans, such as Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Chairman Preibus. Unlike the ideological shows, “Morning Joe’s” cachet has generally come from being an “insider’s” show — must-see TV for opinion leaders on both sides of the aisle. But at some point, that could end. A good way to avoid that possibility would be to ensure that Matthews — who clearly has some anger problems to deal with — is no longer capable of hijacking the program. They shouldn’t have him on again.
Holy crap he's threatening Chris Matthew's First Amendment rights! Actually he isn't, but how many times have reactionaries trotted that one out? (And are there any Daily Callgirl reporters who should be banned for embarrassing meltdowns? See, both sides do it.) And for crying out loud, think of poor Reince Preibus, obviously the sufferer here, yet a model of stoicism!
Most people being accused of playing the “race card” wouldn’t maintain their composure as well as Preibus did.
Not to go out on a limb to defend Matthews (essentially a Reagan Democrat waiting to happen) but on occasion he gets close to the truth & tells most of it. Matt Lewis & The News will call it an embarrassing meltdown & suggest he deal w/ his "anger issues." Christ, what an asshole.
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