Thursday, October 6, 2022

Goddess Of Love Dead At 65 72, Pigs!

Good for Judy Tenuta for keeping her age to herself. Sucks that this is our obligatory daily post.
Michael McKean, of “Spinal Tap” fame, tweeted, “One of a kind. Damn.”
Giovanna Del Negro, a scholar who has studied and written about Tenuta's career, argued that "in juxtaposing the idealized love-goddess image with the aggressive, over-the-top dominatrix persona, we discover that play acting [in Tenuta's performances], no matter how ludicrous, can provide a terrain for interrogating issues of gender, power, and sexuality, and gives those who do it an opportunity to think beyond predetermined social categories." The way Tenuta "pokes fun" at traditional and shallow stereotypes of femininity reveals the anger that lies underneath the "facade of female conformity." For members of the LGBT community, there is a special form of liberation that can be found in "The Love Goddesses" performance. By creating a space in which the "eccentric and outlandish is valorized," Tenuta removed the "stigma associated with any form of marginalization". Del Negro contended that "by immersing [themselves] in a world of this tender blossom with the brassy voice, queers of all kinds—gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or, more broadly, anyone with a non-normative gender performance—can bask in the loving glow of the material goddess and joyously perform their difference without fear of reprisal or judgment."

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Ten Bears said...

Sixty-five, seventy-two, whatev. When you get to be out age, old timer, it don't matter.

Sad passing, I uh, had forgotten ...