Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Really, We Were Just On The Way Out

But were interrupted by Brother Brick, who, as a jazzbo & drummer, knows something about this "Mitch Mitchell/Elvin Jones" stuff.
RIP Mitch Mitchell. Jimi Hendrix's drummer. The dude wailed like nobody. Tiny little English bastard doing his best Elvin Jones. Cool. And man could he get up a shambolic shuffle. Listen to "Hey Baby"...the one from "Rainbow Bridge". Hip hippie jazzness at it's best. Wasn't another rock drummer that could play just like that. Dropping in Max Roach snare snaps and rim smacks and riffling popping toms, some heavy tom shit like Joe Morello in Take Five (remember that? Mitchell apparently dug Morello's thunder rolls) and all that Elvin that Jimi wanted--like when they come out at Monterey and light into "Killing Floor" and Mitch's rolls are so all over and so in there (or close enough) and man, it's frigging glorious. Crazy crazy rock'n'roll, man. Just like god intended it to be, if god smoked a lot of dope and didn't worry much about meter.... (Did he and Keith Moon ever play together? Can you imagine?) Nice guy, too. It was a dinner party somewhere in Silver Lake, eons ago. All these miserable guitar players wanted to play "Red House" with him, like he hadn't been there and done that like sooooooooooooooo much better.... Incredibly, he smiled and put up with them all. They raise 'em polite over there in England, apparently. When at last freed from his throne there was a dinner party inside. Someone put on Mingus. Two, three notes into it and Mitchell flipped. I love this!!! Who put this on!!!!!! Outside some guitar players were brutalizing Red House, and inside Mitch Mitchell is hovering over the phonograph, hearing nothing but Mingus. Yeah, alright. They can't live forever. Brick
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Brick Wahl said...

I wrote that? When? Was I high? Or is that my natural state? I like it though. I think if you wrote something but have no memory of writing it then it's OK to say you like it, otherwise I'd just be an asshole. Of course, I am an asshole, so the point is moot.

Whatever the hell a moot is.

M. Bouffant said...

Absolutely No Credit Where It Isn't Due Editor:
Uh, probably an e-mail we lifted a part of. Would've linked it if we had a source.

M. Bouffant said...

Search Editor:
Yep. Even let you know:
Malignant Bouffant
to Brick
Hey, nice, & already stole it!! Thanks.

brick said...

Ha! You can lift anything you want anytime. You have such a professional looking blog it makes me look good and nearly professional.