Sunday, April 5, 2020

Japanese Cabinet Resigns

THU 5 APR 1945
Naval Advanced Air Base, Iwo Jima, is established.

In Japan, the cabinet of Premier Koiso Kuniaki resigns; Admiral Suzuki Kantaro becomes Prime Minister.

Submarine Besugo (SS-321) twice attacks Japanese light cruiser Isuzu in the Flores Sea (see 6-7 April).

Boarding party from submarine Bluegill (SS-242) completes destruction of beached and abandoned fleet tanker Honan Maru (see 28 March) with demolition charges and incendiaries, near Nha Trang, French Indochina.

Off Okinawa, battleship Nevada (BB-36) is damaged by shore battery, 26°13'N, 127°40'E; a dud aerial torpedo damages light minelayer Harry F. Bauer (DM-26), 26°30'N, 127°30'E. Collisions account for damage to seaplane tender (destroyer) Thornton (AVD-11) and oiler Escalante (AO-70), 24°24'N, 128°58'E; landing craft repair ship Agenor (ARL-3) and tank landing ship LST-646, 24°46'N, 141°19'E; tank landing ships LST-273 and LST-810, 26°25'N, 127°42'E; tank landing ship LST-923 (with tank landing ship LST-20); tank landing ship LST-940 [with attack cargo ship Diphda (AKA-59)], 26°21'N, 127°43'E; and tank landing ship LST-1000 (with tank landing ship LST-20), 26°21'N, 127°44'E; tank landing ship LST-698 is damaged by grounding, 26°24'N, 127°45'E.

U.S. shore battery sinks Japanese auxiliary minelayer No.2 Shinto Maru and damages auxiliary minelayer Taian Maru in Naha Harbor, Okinawa, 26°30'N, 128°00'E.

Destroyer Hudson (DD-475) sinks Japanese submarine RO 41 west of Okinawa, near Kerama Retto, 26°22'N, 126°30'E.

Submarine Hardhead (SS-365) attacks unescorted Japanese convoy SASI-45, damaging cargo ship Araosan Maru in the Gulf of Siam, 09°37'N, 102°48'E (see 6 April).

PBMs attack Japanese convoy, sinking merchant cargo ship No.2 Tokai Maru in Pinghai Wan, 22°45'N, 116°10'E; USAAF B-24s, B-26s, and P-38s (5th Air Force) attack same convoy, sinking cargo ship Kine Maru, 22°24'N, 115°28'E.

USAAF B-24s (Far East Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping at Hong Kong, damaging Coast Defense Vessel No.52 and Coast Defense Vessel No.1, submarine chasers Ch 9 andCh 20, 22°45'N, 116°10'E, and fleet oiler Kamoi.

Mine laid by USAAF B-29 (20th Bomber Command) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.13 Nichinan Maru two miles southeast of Hesaki Light, 33°58'N, 131°02'E,. Cargo ship Iki Maru is damaged by mine, 33°54'N, 130°53'E.

Japanese cargo ship Jozan Maru is damaged by mine, 01°23'N, 104°01'E.

U.S. tanker Atlantic States is torpedoed by German submarine U-857 off Cape Cod, 42°07'N, 70°00'42"W; there are no casualties to either the merchant crew or the 12-man Armed Guard. Auxiliary Guinevere (IX-67) rescues the crew (with the exception of five men, including the Armed Guard officer, who remain on board to keep the ship trimmed) while destroyer escort Richard S. Bull (DE-402) stands by to render assistance. Later, old tug Wandank (ATO-26), assisted by rescue tugs ATR-14 and ATR-89, tow the damaged ship to Boston where she is repaired.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Today's Topical Tune

"Diseases" - Michigan & Smiley

Air War In Europe!

WED 4 APR 1945
Europe USAAF heavy bombers (939 strong) pound airfields and landing grounds in northern Germany, as well as munitions plant near Ulzen. U-boat yards at Hamburg andKiel are also bombed, resulting in the destruction of submarines U-237, U-749, and U-3003.

Off Okinawa, high speed transport Dickerson (APD-21), irreparably damaged by kamikaze on 2 April 1945, is towed out to sea and scuttled by salvage crew off Kerama Retto; infantry landing craft LCI-82 is sunk by assault demolition boat; destroyer Norman Scott (DD-690) is damaged in collision with oiler Cimarron (AO-22), 23°46'N, 129°25'E; kamikaze damages destroyer Wilson (DD-408) off southern end of Kerama Retto; destroyer Sproston (DD-577) is damaged by near-miss by bomb, 26°30'N, 127°30'E. Oiler Cowanesque (AO-79) is damaged in storm; medium landing ship LSM-12 founders in heavy weather. Groundings account for damage to tank landing ships LST-70, LST-624, LST-675, and LST-756, 26°21'N, 127°45'E; LST-166, LST-689, and LST-736, 26°20'N, 127°45'E; LST-343, 26°00'N, 128°00'E; LST-570, 26°21'N, 127°44'E, and LST-781, 26°23'N, 127°44'E. Tank landing ship LST-399 is damaged in collision with salvage vessel Gear (ARS-34), 26°20'N, 127°45'E.

Japanese escort vessel Mokuto is sunk by USAAF mine laid by B-29 (20th Bomber Command) in Shimonoseki Strait, 33°53'N, 131°03'E. Japanese merchant cargo ship Hozan Maru is sunk by mine, 33°45'N, 131°44'E. Submarines RO 64, 34°14'N, 132°16'E, and RO 67, 34°00'N, 133°00'E, are damaged by USAAF B-29-sown mines in the Inland Sea.* Japanese guardboat No.12 Kotoshiro Maru is sunk by U.S. aircraft off Torishima, 30°00'N, 140°00'E.

USAAF B-24s (Far East Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping at Mako, Pescadores, sinking merchant tanker No.2 Kinyu Maru and cargo vessel Horei Maru, 23°32'N, 119°34'E.

Japanese ship No.1 Manyu Maru is sunk by aircraft off Tajin Island.

Japanese hospital ship Arimasan Maru is damaged by mine, while en route to Singapore.

British submarine HMS Spark attacks Japanese light cruiser Isuzu without success, in the Flores Sea (see 5-7 April).
*RO 67 is ultimately decommissioned 20 July 1945 and used as a pontoon at Sasebo.

Corpse Report: Dead Bodies Piled Up
In Mounds …

Associated Press:
Where will the bodies go?  Morgues plan as virus grows  —  PHILADELPHIA (AP) — There are the new dead. And then there are the bodies waiting in overcrowded mortuaries to be buried as cities struggle to meet demand and families wrestle with rules on social distancing that make the usual funeral rituals impossible.
Because when the smack begins to flow
I really don't care anymore
About all the Jim-Jims in this town
And all the politicians making crazy sounds
And everybody putting everybody else down
And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds …
Pile 'em high & deep.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Aircraft Sink Ships

TUE 3 APR 1945
Over 700 USAAF heavy bombers attack U-boat yards at Kiel, Germany, destroying submarines U-1221, U-2542, and U-3505.

Nine USAAF B-29s mine the waters off Kure and Hiroshima, Japan.

Off Okinawa, escort carrier Wake Island (CVE-65) is damaged by near-miss of kamikaze, 26°05'N, 128°57'E, as is high speed minesweeper Hambleton (DMS-20), 27°00'N, 127°00'E; a kamikaze damages tank landing ship LST-599, 26°10'N, 127°16'E; tank landing ship LST-554 is damaged by storm, 26°20'N, 127°45'E.

Motor minesweeper YMS-71 is sunk by mine off Sanga Sanga, 04°59'N, 119°47'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese guardboat No.1 Taijin Maru and damage guardboat No.2 Hosei Maru southeast of Japan, 30°00'N, 137°30'E; and sink cargo ship Imari Maru off southwestern Kyushu, 33°45'N, 129°42'E. Coast Defense Vessel No.32 is damaged at 31°51'N, 124°47'E.

USAAF B-24s (Far East Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping in Hong Kong harbor, sinking cargo vessels Heikai Maru and Shozan Maru, and damaging escort vessel Manju, 22°17'N, 114°10'E.

USN land-based planes sink Japanese tanker No.30 Nanshin Maru (the only surviving ship of the ill-starred convoy HI-88-I) (see 20-21 March) in Nha Trang Bay, French Indochina, 12°15'N, 109°10'E.

"It Begins"

Christina Capatides / CBS News:
“Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police and military to kill citizens who defy coronavirus lockdown  —  In the Philippines, the 57 million residents of the country's main island, Luzon, are under strict lockdown orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite that, many in a Manila slum took to the streets Wednesday to protest a lack of supplies, arguing they had not received any food packs since the lockdown started two weeks ago.

The local government refutes those claims and clashed with protestors, ultimately arresting 20 people who refused to return home.
Later that night, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte took to the airwaves with a chilling warning for his citizens: Defy the lockdown orders again and the police will shoot you dead.

"I will not hesitate. My orders are to the police and military, as well as village officials, if there is any trouble, or occasions where there's violence and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead," he said in a mix of Filipino and English in the televised address. "Do not intimidate the government. Do not challenge the government. You will lose."

This sort of order is not out of character for the controversial leader, who is notoriously accused of presiding over extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers at the hands of police for years. Nevertheless, it marks a chilling escalation in the global fight against COVID-19.

According to Johns Hopkins, the Philippines has 2,633 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 107 deaths – significantly less than some other countries of comparable size.

So far, actions taken by authoritarian governments have proven most effective in stemming the spread of the virus – asking citizens to sacrifice privacy and some of their freedoms in exchange for public health.

Poland is making quarantined citizens use a selfie app to prove they're staying inside. Singapore is using Bluetooth signals between cellphones to keep track of who people come into contact with.

But Duterte's threat may be the boldest. "I will not hesitate my soldiers to shoot you," Duterte said in forceful tones Wednesday. "I will not hesitate to order the police to arrest and detain you. Now, if you are detained, I will leave it up to you to find food."

On Thursday, as often happens after Duterte makes these sorts of inflammatory public remarks, Filipino officials rushed to insist that the president was simply using hyperbole to communicate the gravity of the situation.

"Probably the president just overemphasized on implementing the law in this time of crisis," Philippine National Police Chief Archie Gamboa said, adding that officers understood that they were not actually being instructed to kill troublemakers.
Chickenshit-in-Chief Trump hasn't the intestinal fortitude to say that sort of thing, but there are a few R. goobernators
I wouldn't put it past, especially if the unruly weren't Gawd-fearing mega-church attendees.

One Less Worry

Deposited pension check via credit union's mobile app, avoiding a long bus trip w/ the diseased masses, or an approximately 47-blk. (one way) walk*. And at an ungodly hr., as they've returned to bankers' hrs. for the duration. Damned robot didn't like the first shot of the check, either.

Still worry/wondering: Now that I can stay up all night, should I, & then go to Shopping For The Wretched at Ralphs at 0700? I really need some aspirin for this fever.
*Using Googly-Eyed Maps to see exactly how long a walk it would have been, we noted many of the business establishments along Wilshire Blvd. have "Temporarily closed " or "Takeout and delivery available" tags attached. Business ('Specially restaurants.) What a fucking joke. The whole thing a house of cards that falls the moment it's breathed upon.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

P-51s Do Damage

MON 2 APR 1945
Preceded by USMC air strikes (First Marine Aircraft Wing), Army 163rd RCT (Reinforced) of the 41st Division, supported by three destroyers, land on Sanga Sanga, Sulu Archipelago, P.I., without encountering any resistance. Filipino guerrillas had cleared the island the month before.

Ten USAAF B-29s mine the waters off Kure and Hiroshima, Japan.

Off Okinawa, destroyer Franks (DD-554) is damaged in collision with battleship New Jersey (BB-62), 25°49'N, 130°01'E; destroyer Prichett (DD-561), by bomb, 27°17'N, 127°51'E; destroyer Borie (DD-704), by collision with carrier Essex (CV-9), 23°36'N, 131°40'E; and destroyer escort Foreman (DE-633), by bomb, 26°10'N, 127°11'E. Kamikazes damage attack transports Henrico (APA-45), 25°59'N, 127°17'E, and Goodhue (APA-107) and Telfair (APA-210), 25°56'N, 127°17'E; attack cargo ships Achernar (AKA-53), 26°07'N, 127°45'E, and Tyrrell (AKA-80), 26°21'N, 127°45'E; and high speed transport Dickerson (APD-21). Attack transport Chilton (APA-38) is damaged by near-miss of kamikaze, 25°59'N, 127°17'E; attack cargo ship Lacerta (AKA-29) is damaged by friendly fire, 26°21'N, 127°43'E.

TG 58.4 planes sink Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.186, fast transport T.17, and landing ship T.145, and damage submarine chaser Ch 49 and landing ship T.146, near Amami-Oshima, 28°07'N, 129°09'E

Destroyer Shaw (DD-373) is damaged by grounding, Leyte, P.I., 09°36'N, 123°53'E.

Submarine Hardhead (SS-365) lays mines off Cape Camau, French Indochina.

Submarine Sea Devil (SS-400) attacks Japanese convoy TAMO-51 in the central Yellow Sea, sinking auxiliary vessel Edogawa Maru, army cargo ship Nisshin Maru, and merchant cargo ship Daijo Maru, 34°18'N, 124°04'E, and damaging merchant cargo ship Yamaji Maru, 34°02'N, 124°00'E.

British submarine HMS Stygian sinks Japanese coaster south of Kangean Island 07°02'S, 115°32'E.

USAAF P-51s damage Japanese river gunboat Katata at Shanghai.

USAAF aircraft sink small Japanese cargo vessel No.1 Taisei Maru off Cape St. Jacques, French Indochina, 10°10'N, 106°35'E.

USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese shipping at Hong Kong, sinking merchant cargo ship Yokai Maru.

All The Poop On The
Toilet Paper Shortage

Not un-interesting examination of the markets & distribution systems of the tee pee & other industries.
While toilet paper is an extreme case, similar dynamics are likely to temporarily disrupt supplies of other goods, too — even if no one’s hoarding or panic-buying. The CEO of a fruit and vegetable supplier told NPR’s Weekend Edition that schools and restaurants are canceling their banana orders, while grocery stores are selling out and want more. The problem is that the bananas he sells to schools and restaurants are “petite” and sold loose in boxes of 150, whereas grocery store bananas are larger and sold in bunches. Beer companies face a similar challenge converting commercial keg sales to retail cans and bottles.
I'd never given it much thought but I noticed the individually wrapped rolls in the (allegedly stolen) cartons in this B.H.P.D. photo
Toilet paper found inside stolen SUV. (Beverly Hills police)
& realized there were differences beyond ply.
Talk to anyone in the industry, and they’ll tell you the toilet paper made for the commercial market is a fundamentally different product from the toilet paper you buy in the store. It comes in huge rolls, too big to fit on most home dispensers. The paper itself is thinner and more utilitarian. It comes individually wrapped and is shipped on huge pallets, rather than in brightly branded packs of six or 12.

“Not only is it not the same product, but it often doesn’t come from the same mills,” added Jim Luke, a professor of economics at Lansing Community College, who once worked as head of planning for a wholesale paper distributor. “So for instance, Procter & Gamble [which owns Charmin] is huge in the retail consumer market. But it doesn’t play in the institutional market at all.”
And guess who's a big player in bogrolling: Koch's Georgia-Pacific. Your corporate masters have you by both ends.

New York Is A Summer Festival*

Search Results

Web results

40 mins ago - Deaths in New York State: 2,373, up 432 from 1,941 on Wednesday. New York now accounts for 42 percent of the 5,708 virus-related deaths in ...

Death To All Parasites & Viruses!

The L.A. Times asks:
Are you a landlord whose tenants can’t pay rent because of coronavirus?


Say, there's a big fucking surprise. Die, pigs.

Clean Hands ...

Guess Who's Dead: Can't Tell In Italy

Wall Street Journal:
Italy's Coronavirus Death Toll Is Far Higher Than Reported  —  Many are dying uncounted as nation's stretched health-care system struggles to save the living and accurately gauge human cost  —  MILAN—In the town of Coccaglio, an hour's drive east of here, the local nursing home lost over a third of its residents in March.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Actualités Of Okinawa Invasion;
War Crime Committed


SUN 1 APR 1945
Marines and Army troops land on Okinawa, Ryukyus, under cover of heavy naval gunfire and aircraft, in Operation ICEBERG. The operation is under the overall command of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, Commander Fifth Fleet. Vice Admiral Richmond K. Turner commands the Joint Expeditionary Force; the troops are commanded by Lieutenant General Simon B. Buckner, USA. Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage battleship West Virginia (BB-48), 26°20'N, 127°40'E; attack transports Hinsdale (APA-120) and Alpine (APA-92), 26°20'N, 127°41'E, and tank landing ship LST-884; battleship Tennessee (BB-43) is damaged by shell fragments (possibly friendly fire); Japanese dive bombers damage destroyer Prichett (DD-561), 26°38'N, 127°25'E, and minesweeper Skirmish (AM-303), 26°33'N, 127°33'E; horizontal bomber damages attack transport Elmore (APA-42), 26°20'N, 127°41'E; destroyer escort Vammen (DE-644) is damaged by explosion of undetermined origin (possibly depth charge dropped by Japanese assault demolition boat), 26°18'N, 127°29'E. Infantry landing craft (mortar) LCI(M)-807 is damaged by own mortar explosion; medium landing ship LSM-192 by operational casualty. British ships are not immune from the breath of the "divine wind" as a kamikaze damages British fleet carrier HMS Indefatigable; destroyer HMS Ulster is damaged by bomb.
In the third of six mine drops carried out in support of ICEBERG, six USAAF B-29s mine the waters off Kure, Japan. Mines sink merchant cargo ship Karikawa Maru off Tsushima, and damage escort vessel Inagi southeast of Hesaki, and auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 226 in Kii Channel, Japan, 30°04'N, 130°54'E.

Army troops (158th RCT) are landed near Legaspi, southern Luzon, under cover of naval gunfire and USAAF aircraft. After the troops encounter only token opposition at the beaches, considerable opposition develops inland.

Submarine Queenfish (SS-393) inadvertently sinks Japanese relief ship Awa Maru in Formosa Straits, 25°25'N, 120°07'E. Awa Maru, a cartel ship, is carrying Red Cross supplies earmarked for distribution to Allied POWs in Singapore. Guaranteed safe conduct by the U.S. government, Awa Maru is properly marked and lighted, but Queenfish's commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Charles E. Loughlin, does not discern the markings in the foggy weather in which his boat encounters the enemy vessel. Loughlin is relieved of his command for the mistake, and is court-martialed.

B-24s (Far East Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping at Keelung, irreparably damaging Taiga Maru.

No Comment

"Bags" II


Anthony Capaccio / Bloomberg:
Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body Bags for Civilians in Virus Crisis  — FEMA request sent to Pentagon as civilian casualties mount — White House has warned as many as 200,000 Americans could die  —  The Pentagon is seeking to provide as many as 100,000 military-style body bags
Can't wait until the only vehicles on the streets are ambulances & hearses/refrigerator trucks packed w/ bodies headed for the crematoria/burn pits.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I Knew It: You're All Fucking Worms

Primordial worm-like creature was forerunner to most animals - including usYOU!


More War Crime

SAT 31 MAR 1945
Off Okinawa, heavy cruiser Pensacola (CA-24) is damaged in collision with tank landing ship LST-277, 26°10'N, 127°19'E; kamikazes damage light minelayer Adams (DM-27), 26°12'N, 127°08'E; attack transport Hinsdale (APA-120), 25°54'N, 127°49'E; and tank landing ships LST-724 and LST-884 25°59'N, 127°50'E.

Small seaplane tender Coos Bay (AVP-25) is damaged when rammed accidentally by U.S. merchant ship Matagorda, central Pacific, 12°07'N, 156°27'E.

U.S. freighter John C. Fremont is damaged by mine south of Pier 7, Manila Bay; there are no casualties among the 27-man Armed Guard.

Destroyers Morrison (DD-560) and Stockton (DD-646) sink Japanese submarine I 8, 65 miles southeast of Okinawa, 25°29'N, 128°35'E.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 233 is sunk by aircraft, 32°19'N, 129°50'E.

USAAF B-24s attack Japanese convoy off Makassar, sinking small cargo vessels No.3 Hainan Maru, Kanho Maru, Manko Maru, and Nanho Maru and damaging Oshima Maru; attack convoy BASU-05 in Makassar Straits off Balikpapan, damaging submarine chaser Ch 5.

USAAF B-24s bomb Japanese convoy in harbor at Keelung, damaging hospital ship Baikal Maru, cargo vessels Nikko Maru and No.3 Yamato Maru, and motor sailship No.47 Suma Maru.

Mines damage Japanese destroyer Hibiki off Hime Jima and escort destroyer Inagi off Hesaki.

During March 1945 (exact dates indeterminate) carfloats YCF-23 YCF-29, YCF-36, and YCF-37 break up in heavy seas while under tow en route to Eniwetok, Marshall Islands.

Life In The Time Of Death

Went to old people shopping this a.m.; more employees stocking than shoppers, & I obtained both 12 rolls of bogroll & six of paper towels. Paper products shelves nonetheless maybe one-tenth stocked.

Current physiology: Left eye watery, left nostril running. (Something virulently yellow lives up there, but it pre-dates the coronavirus.)

Other shopping news: Wkly. supermarket fliers came today; only Ralphs & Pavilions adverts, both of them four pages rather than the usual eight. Jons, Smart & Final & Food 4 Less didn't bother. (Ralphs is hiring, by the way.)

Monday, March 30, 2020

Twit Du Jour: Chicoms!

Heathen Chinee!! Yellow Peril!! Red Menace!! Stupid Jerk!!!

A.A.F. Sink U-Boats

FRI 30 MAR 1945
Over 1,250 USAAF heavy bombers (Eighth Air Force) hit U-boat yards and port facilities in Germany, sinking submarines U-96, U-429, and U-3508 at Wilhelmshaven; U-72, U-329, U-430, U-870, U-884, and U-886 at Bremen; and U-2340, U-348, U-350, and U-1167 at Hamburg.

Eighty-seven USAAF B-29s mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters off Kure, Hiroshima, and Sasebo, Japan.

Heavy cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) is damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa, 26°25'N, 127°30'E.

High speed transport Roper (APD-20) is damaged in collision with attack transport Arthur Middleton (APA-25), Philippine Sea, 20°57'N, 132°05'E.

Submarine Tirante (SS-420) sinks Japanese guardboat Eikichi Maru off Kagoshima, Japan, 31°11'N, 130°09'E.

Attacks against Japanese convoy HI-88-J continue: USAAF B-25s sink auxiliary submarine chaser Shinan Maru and damage Coast Defense Vessel No.26 off Yulin, Hainan Island 18°09'N, 109°42'E.

Japanese submarine I 53 is damaged by mine, Suwo-Nada.

Life (& Death) Goes On,
Coronavirus Or No

Can't stop the death cult.

Two In Critical Condition After Crash In The Pacific Palisades

Shooting in Glendale Leaves One Man Dead, Another Man Wounded

Three Men Killed in Two-Car Crash During Street Race, Police Say


"Temperature's Risin' ..."

Make America Great 1937/'57 Again!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Still Hating FedEx

What in th' hell is this crap?
A) Are Sunday deliveries part of the "newer normal"? B) Tomorrow, the 30th, a Monday, is not the "next business day"?

The Way We Look Now

Not kidding. Wish I had a Stetson (& a six-shooter) so I'd look even more like a train/stagecoach-robber.

War Crime: U.S.A.A.F. B-24 Damages Japanese Hospital Ship Kazura Maru

THU 29 MAR 1945
TG 58.1 (Rear Admiral Joseph J. Clark) and TG 58.3 (Rear Admiral Frederick C. Sherman) attack airfields and Japanese shipping in the Kagoshima Bay area, Kyushu. Carrier-based planes sink auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 200 west of Sata Misaki, 31°05'N, 130°39'E, and Chikuto Maru in Kagoshima Bay, and Cha 205, Kuchinoerabu Jima, 30°30'N, 130°10'E, as well as cargo vessels No.5 Yusen Maru and 11 Ebisu Maru, Holin Maru, Genyo Maru and 8 Seizan Maru and 17 Koshin Maru and 27 Koan Maru and 32 Koan Maru and Taimokuzan Maru in Yamagawa Harbor; merchant vessel No.3 Yamato Maru is damaged at the latter place.

In an operation associated with the taking of Panay, Army 185th RCT (40th Division), moves from Iloilo to Pulupandan Point, northern Negros, P.I., encountering no opposition.

Submarine and USAAF attacks continue against Japanese convoy HI-88-J; Bluegill (SS-242) further damages tanker Honan Maru off Cape Varella (see 5 April); Hammerhead (SS-264) damages Coast Defense Vessel No. 84 115 miles north of Cape Varella, 14°44'N, 109°16'E; USAAF B-25s (Fifth Air Force) sink Coast Defense Vessel No.18, Coast Defense Vessel No.130 and cargo ship Kaiko Maru, 15°10'N, 109°26'E. Later the same day, PBMs further damage Coast Defense Vessel No. 134 south of Hainan.

USAAF B-24 damages Japanese hospital ship Kazura Maru off coast of French Indochina, 15°05'N, 109°23'E.

USAAF B-24s (Fifth Air Force) sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 156, Cha 189, Cha 192, and merchant tanker Iwakuni Maru in Takao harbor, 22°40'N, 120°15'E.

Japanese auxiliary patrol vessel Pa No.173 is sunk by mine, Wakamatsu, Japan.

Japanese submarine chaser Ch 9 is damaged by aircraft, 15°10'N, 109°26'E.

Japanese submarine I 47 (equipped with Kaitens) is damaged by 5th Fleet surface ships/craft off Okinawa and forced to return to Kure for repairs.

U.S. freighter O.B. Martin,, in convoy UGS 80, is damaged by depth charge explosions 25 miles west of Gibraltar; there are no casualties to either the merchant crew, passengers, or the 29-man Armed Guard.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Snook Lost, Trigger Sunk

WED 28 MAR 1945
Off Okinawa, minesweeper Skylark (AM-63) is sunk by mine, 26°20'N, 127°40'E; attack cargo ship Wyandot (AKA-92) is damaged by near-misses of bombs, 26°00'N, 127°00'E; medium landing ship LSM-188 is damaged by kamikaze; infantry landing craft (gunboat) LCI(G)-588 is damaged by assault demolition boat.

Landing craft repair ship Agenor (ARL-3) is damaged in collisions with landing craft off Iwo Jima, 24°46'N, 141°19'E.

Submarine Blackfin (SS-322) is damaged by depth charges off the southeast coast of French Indochina, and is forced to terminate her patrol.

Submarines and USAAF planes begin attacks on Japanese convoy HI-88-J moving up the coast of French Indochina; submarine Bluegill (SS-242) damages tanker Honan Maru (ex-British War Sirdar) off Cape Varella, 12°40'N, 109°30'E; Honan Maru is beached to permit salvage (see 29 March). USAAF B-24 sinks merchant cargo ship Asogawa Maru off Nha Trang, 12°32'N, 109°22'E.

Submarine Snook (SS-279) departs Guam for her ninth war patrol; she is contacted by Tigrone (SS-419) on 8 April 1945, but she is never seen again.*

Submarine Threadfin (SS-410) sinks Japanese escort vessel Mikura off Kyushu, 31°45'N, 131°44'E.

Submarine Tirante (SS-420) sinks Japanese fishing boat Nase Maru west of Oniki Cape, southwest coast of Kyushu, 32°15'N, 29°55'E.

Submarine Trigger (SS-237) is sunk by Japanese patrol vessel Mikura, Coast Defense Vessel No.33, and Coast Defense Vessel No.59 in Nansei Shoto, 32°16'N, 132°05'E.

Floating workshop YR-43, being towed to Kodiak by Army tug LT 373, breaks free from her towline and runs aground two and half miles south of Zaikof Point, Montague Island; rescue tug ATR-68 and Coast Guard lighthouse tender Cedar (WAGL-207) are sent from Kodiak, while tender Bramble (WAGL-392) is dispatched from Seward to assist. Army transport Toloa brings YR-43's crew on board and takes the men to Dutch Harbor.

Planes from carrier Hornet (CV-12) sink Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.33 south of Kyushu, 31°45'N, 131°45'E.

USAAF B-24 damages Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.102 and Coast Defense Vessel No.106 (near-misses) off Keelung, Formosa.

USAAF B-24s (Fifth Air Force) sink Japanese army cargo ship Meiho Maru off north coast of Formosa, 25°00'N, 121°00'E.

USAAF B-24s (13th Air Force) attack Japanese shipping in the Celebes, sinking minesweeper W.11 off Makassar, 05°06'S, 119°14'E, and Patrol Boat No. 108 off Maniang Island 04°14'S, 121°28'E.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chasers Cha 167 and Cha 175 are sunk by aircraft, east of Fukashima.

USAAF B-24 damages Japanese cargo ship Seito Maru off North Laut Island 03°14'S, 116°13'E.

Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 178 is sunk by mine, 34°02'N, 130°54'E; cargo ship Tensei Maru is sunk by mine in Wakamatsu harbor.
*While no definitive explanation exists for Snook's loss, there are three possibilities: (1) she is sunk by Japanese naval aircraft (256th, 453rd and 951st Air Flotilla) on 9 April 1945 near the Shuzan Islands; (2) she is sunk by patrol-escort vessel Okinawa, Patrol-Escort Vessel No.8, Patrol-Escort Vessel No. 32 and Patrol-Escort Vessel No. 52 after being detected by planes from the afore-mentioned naval air flotillas; or (3) she is possibly sunk by Japanese submarine I 56 while Snook was operating on lifeguard duty (her last assignment) in the Nansei Shoto region. She is listed as overdue, presumed lost, on 16 May 1945.

†She is listed as overdue, presumed lost, on 1 May 1945.

Friday, March 27, 2020

"aircraft operational casualty"

TUE 27 MAR 1945
Navy landing craft (TG 122.5.1) ferry army troops across the Rhine at Mainz, Germany, in the face of "all the fire power at [the Germans'] disposal," ranging from machine guns and small arms to the deadly 88-millimeter weapons.

One battalion of army troops (Second Battalion, 151st Infantry, 38th Division), supported by destroyers Conway (DD-507) and Cony (DD-508) and three rocket-equipped motor torpedo boats, lands on Caballo Island near Corregidor, preceded by an air strike.

Operation STARVATION, the USAAF aerial mining campaign (using Navy-provided mines) commences, as 94 B-29s mine the Shimonoseki Straits and the waters of Suo Nada, Japan. This operation and the six that follow are in support of the Okinawa campaign.

High speed transport Newman (APD-59), covering the landings on Cebu, sights and attacks a Japanese midget submarine off Talisay, Cebu. She is given credit for a "possible" submersible sunk.

Off Okinawa, an aircraft operational casualty damages carrier Essex (CV-9), 25°10'N, 132°05'E; kamikazes damage light minelayer Adams (DM-27), 26°17'N, 127°40'E.

Submarine Trigger (SS-237) sinks Japanese cable layer Odate, 200 miles southwest of Kyushu, 30°40'N, 127°50'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese guardboats No.13 Choun Maru and No.27 Yusen Maru and army cargo ship No.28 Suma Maru, Kuchinoerabu Bay, Osumi-Gunto, 30°30'N, 130°05'E, and No.12 Myojin Maru west of Tori Jima, 30°00'N, 139°30'E.

British submarine HMS Stygian damages Japanese minelayer Wakatake (previously damaged on 25 March 1945 when she encounters a shoal upon leaving Macassar) in Java Sea, south of Kangean Island. Reaching Surabaya on 1 April 1945, Wakatake performs no more active service.

USAAF B-24s attack six-ship Japanese convoy off Surabaya, damaging submarine chaser Ch 5 by near-misses.

Japanese auxiliary minesweeper Wa.1 is sunk by mine (laid by RAF planes) near the Deli River, Sumatra, 03°52'N, 98°45'E.

Whistling Past the Graveyard
In Ala-Damn-Bama

War Between The States

New York Times:
Some U.S. Cities Could Have Coronavirus Outbreaks Worse Than Wuhan's  —  If the rate of growth in coronavirus cases continues, the New York City metropolitan area will suffer a more severe outbreak than those experienced in Wuhan, China, or the Lombardy region of Italy.
Philip Bump / Washington Post:
Alabama governor won't issue stay-at-home order because ‘we are not California.’ By population, it's worse.  —  Millions of Americans continue to live under state-issued stay-at-home orders, an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus that has infected about 90,000 people in the United States.
Hub:   Bloomberg Philanthropies, state of Maryland fund Hopkins-led COVID-19 treatment research
The Guardian:   'It's what was happening in Italy': the hospital at the center of New York's Covid-19 crisis
Brian Lyman / The Montgomery Advertiser:   Coronavirus: Ivey says ‘right now is not the time’ for Alabama-wide shelter-in-place orderCristina Cabrera / Talking Points Memo:
Alabama Gov. Refuses To Issue Shelter In Place Order: ‘We Are Not California’
Anne Branigin / The Root:   ‘A Dangerous Gamble’: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Refuses to Order ‘Shelter-in-Place’ …
Where would you rather be?

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Where's Your (Non-Existent) Gawd Now, Dead Loser?

Sky Palma / Raw Story:
Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus  —  One of the first deaths in Virginia from coronavirus was a 66-year-old Christian “musical evangelist” who fell ill while on a trip to New Orleans with his wife.
Jesus loved him so much he killed him so he could go to heaven.

Craven fear is the primary motivation for religious belief.
Robert Nicholson / Wall Street Journal:
A Coronavirus Great Awakening?  —  Sometimes the most important ingredient for spiritual renewal is a cataclysmic event.  —  Could a plague of biblical proportions be America's best hope for religious revival?  As the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches, there is reason to think so.
Flock to your pastors, you fucking sheep, & have your Christian chicken-pox parties. Jesus can't wait.

"Slight Resistance"

MON 26 MAR 1945
Navy landing craft unit (TG 122.5.1.) ferries Third Army assault troops across the Rhine at Oberwesel; medium landing craft (LCM) are used for the first time in the Third Army's Rhine-crossing operation.

TG 51.1 (Rear Admiral Ingolf N. Kiland) lands Army force on Kerama Retto, Ryukyus, under cover of naval bombardment and carrier aircraft.

TG 78.2 (Captain Albert T. Sprague, Jr.) lands U.S. Army Americal Division (Reinforced) less one RCT, on Talisay Point, Cebu, P.I., covered by TG 74.3 (Rear Admiral Russell S. Berkey), consisting of three light cruisers (including Australian HMAS Hobart) and six destroyers. The landing is made against only slight resistance. U.S. freighter Michael J. Owens Armed Guard gunfire, despite lack of sophisticated fire control equipment, silences Japanese artillery battery on Cebu.

Off Okinawa, destroyer Halligan (DD-584) is sunk by mine, 26°10'N, 127°30'E; kamikazes damage battleship Nevada (BB-36), light cruiser Biloxi (CL-80), destroyer Porterfield (DD-682), destroyer escort Foreman (DE-633), high speed minesweeper Dorsey (DMS-1), 26°20'N, 127°18'E; destroyers O'Brien (DD-725), 26°16'N, 127°26'E, and Callaghan (DD-792), 26°20'N, 127°43'E, and minesweeper Skirmish (AM-303), 26°25'N, 127°05'E; destroyer Murray (DD-576) is damaged by dive bomber, 26°20'N, 129°46'E.

Tank landing craft LCT-1090 is damaged in amphibious operations off Luzon; submarine chaser PC-1133 is damaged by grounding, 10°13'N, 123°51'E.

Submarine Balao (SS-285) sinks Japanese army stores ship No.1 Shinto Maru, 35°18'N, 123°15'E.

British destroyers annihilate Japanese Port Blair-bound convoy east of Khota Andaman. HMS Saumarez, HMS Volage, HMS Vigilant, and HMS Virago sink submarine chasers Ch 34 and Ch 63; HMS Venus, HMS Verulam and HMS Virago sink transport Risui Maru and supply ship Teshio Maru, 10°38'N, 94°42'E. RAF Liberators contribute to Risui Maru's destruction. [More like the Indian Ocean or even the Andaman Sea. — M.B.]

TF 58 planes sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Nisui Maru east of Fuku Jima, and cargo ship Daia Maru (previously damaged on 1 March) in Kuji Bay, Ryukyus, 20°13'N, 127°16'E.

USAAF B-24s complete destruction of Japanese cargo ship I komasan Maru, previously damaged by submarine Spot (SS-413), then run aground, and bombed by USAAF B-25s on 17 March 1945 off Matsu Island 26°07'N, 119°57'E, and sink motor sailships Koun Maru and No.6 Ebisu Maru.

USAAF B-24s (Fifth Air Force) bomb Japanese shipping in Takao harbor, sinking cargo vessels Enoura Maru and Kishu Maru, 22°37'N, 120°15'E.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Local L.A. Action: Maybe May

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warns of mass death, condemns 'false hope,' and tells us his city will be on lockdown for another 2 months — and to 'be prepared for longer'

  • Los Angeles residents will be confined to their homes until at least May, Mayor Eric Garcetti told Insider on Wednesday.
  • In an interview, Garcetti pushed back against "premature optimism" in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying leaders who suggest we are on the verge of business as usual are putting lives at risk.
  • Garcetti said he was worried about the irreplaceable loss of life that's predicted in this outbreak. "This will not kill most of us," he said. "It will kill a lot more people than we're used to dying around us."
  • "It will be our friends. It will be our family. It will be people who we love dearly," he said. "And everything I do is through that lens."
Crap, now I guess I'll be shopping during old people hrs., 0700-0730. What a pain; usually going to or just gone to sleep around then.

Blood Dunza

You first, asshole.

Former Wells Fargo CEO wants Americans back to work next month: ‘Some may even die, I don’t know’

Further in scum:
The billionaire Tom Golisano was smoking a Padron cigar on his patio in Florida on Tuesday afternoon. He was worried.

“The damages of keeping the economy closed as it is could be worse than losing a few more people,” said Golisano, founder and chairman of the payroll processor Paychex Inc. “I have a very large concern that if businesses keep going along the way they’re going then so many of them will have to fold.”

President Donald Trump says he doesn’t want the cure for the Covid-19 pandemic “to be worse than the problem,” and some of America’s wealthiest people and executives are echoing his rallying cry. They want to revive an economy that could face its worst quarterly drop ever -- even if it means pulling back on social distancing measures that public health officials say can help stop coronavirus. These investors aren’t prizing profits over lives, they say, they’re just willing to risk some horrors to avoid others.
Billionaires and other members of the elite have the luxury of social distancing while making money. The ones who want workers back in their jobs say they’re aiming to stop millions from suffering for years and falling further into debt. Officials are trying to accomplish that by restricting foreclosures and allowing Americans to defer mortgage payments.

“It’s outrageous,” said Robert Reich, who was labor secretary for President Bill Clinton and now studies public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. “It is absolutely necessary to shut down the economy so that millions of people don’t die. For the privileged among us to fail to see that and to give the economy precedence over this public health emergency is morally reprehensible.”

The push to restart the economy makes a certain amount of sense to rich people, according to Reich, because they have come to expect disproportionate gains as the system’s top winners. “The one flaw in their logic this time is that the coronavirus doesn’t understand class,” he added. “The more people are infected, the more likely it is that Blankfein and other billionaires will become infected as well.”
[Loser Bloomberg's Ego Site]

Tirante (SS-420) Sinks Japanese Auxiliary Netlayer

SUN 25 MAR 1945
TF 54 (Rear Admiral Morton L. Deyo) battleships, cruisers, and destroyers bombard Kerama Retto and southeast coast of Okinawa, Ryukyus; bombardment continues daily. Off Okinawa, kamikazes damage destroyer Kimberley (DD-521), 26°02'N, 126°54'E; light minelayer Robert H. Smith (DM-23), 26°00'N, 128°00'E; high speed transport Gilmer (APD-11), 26°00'N, 127°20'E; destroyer escort Sederstrom (DE-31) is damaged in collision with escort carrier Sangamon (CVE-26), 25°00'N, 130°00'E; high speed transport Knudsen (APD-101) is damaged by horizontal bomber, 26°12'N, 127°04'E.

Submarine Tirante (SS-420) sinks Japanese auxiliary netlayer Fuji Maru off Tori Jima, Japan, 31°08'N, 130°30'E.

TF 58 planes sink Japanese merchant cargo ships No.5 Okinoyama Maru and Chokai Maru near Naha, Okinawa, 26°13'N, 127°39'E. Auxiliary submarine chaser Sobun Maru is damaged between Yaku Jima and Amami O Shima.

USAAF B-24s (5th Air Force) sink Japanese Kori Go Maru (ex-Chinese Houlee) in Yangtze estuary near Shanghai, 31°11'N, 122°23'E.

Here It Comes, Bible Belt Bozos!

Couldn't happen to a more deserving region.
Brad Brooks / Reuters:
New Orleans emerges as next coronavirus epicenter, threatening rest of South  —  (Reuters) - New Orleans is on track to become the next coronavirus epicenter in the United States, dimming hopes that less densely populated and warmer-climate cities would escape the worst of the pandemic, and that summer months could see it wane.
New Orleans Times-Picayune:
'It's like a war zone': Fighting coronavirus, limited ICU beds, bracing for chaos in New Orleans
Elisha Fieldstadt / NBC News:   New Orleans is a center of coronavirus. Mardi Gras could be to blame, doctors say.
Nancy LeTourneau / Washington Monthly:   When it Comes to Trump's Failures, Hyperbole Is Unnecessary
Erik Wemple / Washington Post:   Louisiana paper juggles the coronavirus, furloughs
more at Mediagazer »
Sky Palma / Raw Story:
Trump cabinet Bible study leader blames coronavirus on gay people and environmentalists  —  The minister who hosts a weekly bible study session for President Trump's cabinet has an opinion about the origins of the coronavirus.  According to Ralph Drollinger, it's just another form of God's wrath …
Lee Fang / The Intercept:   Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher Blames Coronavirus Pandemic on God's Wrath …
Wait'll your Gawd hears what you've been spreading in its name, Ralph. You look like a prime candidate for the gurgling death.

Next stop on the CovID-19 Express: America's dangly bit.
A company called Kinsa Mission developed a map that shows where influenza-like illness symptoms, especially fevers, are registering now more than ever in Florida.

The map demonstrates how a state like Florida, where flu season should be well into its decline, is showing unusually high concentrations of high body temperature readings.

Kinsa researchers compared this year’s data to previous years and found the hottest zone for unusually high numbers of fever is in Florida.
Hot hot hot!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


No One Is Safe!

In a random, arbitrary universe w/o meaning, no one is or has ever been safe. On the less macro, more immediate scale, no one is safe either:
Stephanie M. Lee / BuzzFeed News:The Coronavirus Doesn't Just Hurt The Elderly.  Data Shows Younger People Are Getting Severely Sick, Too.  —  The Coronavirus Is Sending Lots Of Younger People To The Hospital
It’s increasingly clear that early data out of China was an anomaly: the coronavirus is severely harming substantial numbers of people under 50, too.
Philip Bump / Washington Post:   It isn't only the elderly who are at risk from the coronavirus
Equal Morbidity Opportunity, as previously noted.

And if not morbidity, a nasty time of it. Not to mention the guilt of vectoring.
Young people who don’t suffer from severe symptoms can still spread it to others. At the same time, their growing case numbers indicate that they are themselves far from “invincible,” as the World Health Organization director said in a speech directed at them last week. Even if they don’t die in the hospital, they can jeopardize others by taking up beds and ventilators in short supply.

“Even if the deaths are concentrated at older ages, it still seems that serious cases and hospitalization and requiring ventilators is not entirely rare even at younger ages,” Jennifer Dowd, an associate professor of demography and population health at the University of Oxford, told BuzzFeed News. “I would say nobody should just laugh it off as, ‘I’ve got a good immune system and I’ll be fine.’ Because as we get more and more cases, even a small risk of complications adds up to a lot of people.”

Squids Cross Rhine

SAT 24 MAR 1945
For the second time, LCVPs (TG 122.5.1) support the Third Army's crossing of the Rhine, ferrying troops at Boppard, Germany, under heavy enemy 20-millimeter fire. Other navy landing craft from TG 122.5.1 ferry troops of the Ninth Army across the Rhine south of Wesel, Germany. Medium landing craft (LCM) are used on the Rhine for the first time in this operation.

TF 59 (Vice Admiral Willis A. Lee) bombards Okinawa. Japanese sources list two vessels sunk by naval gunfire on this date, perhaps the victims of the battleship bombardment: Tosan Maru and No.10 Maiko Maru.

USAAF B-24 (possibly a USN PB4Y) attacks nine-ship Japanese Naha-to-Kagoshima convoy KANA-304 (probably rerouted into the East China Sea because of Allied air activity in the Ryukyus), sinking auxiliary minesweeper Seki Maru off Tokara Gunto, 29°12'N, 125°13'E. Planes from TG 58.1--carriers Bennington (CV-20) and Hornet (CV-12) and small carriers Belleau Wood (CVL-24) and San Jacinto (CVL-30)--complete the destruction of KANA-304, sinking torpedo boat Tomozuru, Coast Defense Vessel No. 68, auxiliary minesweepers Chitose Maru and No.16 Shonan Maru, army cargo ships Koshu Maru, and merchant cargo ships Soka Maru, Kaijo Maru and No.3 Tsukushi Maru about 200 miles northwest of Okinawa, 28°25'N, 124°32'E. The same day, TF 58 planes also sink army cargo ship Seizan Maru and merchantmen Sanko Maru at 29°15'N, 125°13'E, and Kobe Maru at 30°00'N, 126°30'E.

USAAF B-24s (13th Air Force) sink Japanese cargo ship Koshin Maru off Boeton Island Celebes, 05°40'S, 122°49'E.

Sign Of The Slump

Every Tuesday for the last 11 yrs. there've been ads from several local grocery chains in the mailbox, generally Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Smart & Final, Pavilions & Jons. (It's actually gone on for well over 11 yrs. The L.A. Times used to mail them to every residence in their market that didn't subscribe to the Times, now some other outfit does it.) Today, for the first time in human memory, the only supermarket advertiser was Pavilions.

Tune in next Tues. as we advise you if the economy is down & out or getting off the canvas.

(Granted, it's as much wishful thinking as a clear-eyed look at the trends, but may I just point to my prescience in Labels, to wit, "Decline and Falling Down" & "Nature Wants You Dead"?)

In The Skies Today

Actually "yesterday", but you don't care any more than I do.

Monday, March 23, 2020

On The Streets Today

L.A.C.M.T.A. bus service reduced by 15 to 20% (got some exercise), passengers must board & exit by the rear door (meaning I wasted US$20.00 on a pass this month). "Metro is also requiring all bus operators to use the transparent protective barrier that helps isolate them." (Already on the newer buses, & not an anti-virus measure as much as a defense against righteously outraged riders.) The operator seat & wheelchair seating in the front are taped off from the rear of the buses.
Note "YOUR SPEED" as opposed to "SPEED LIMIT". Traffic hasn't been this good since the Olympics*.
Driver is masked.
Ralphs at Hollywood & Western didn't have enough shoppers to impose waiting (nor did they have buttwad or paper towels) but did have blue masking tape Xs on the floor at the registers, six ft. apart so you know where to keep that bag of viruses & germs you call a body in relation to your fellow germ-bags. However, no lines at the registers.

Self-medication in the time of ...: Had to e-mail an order, wait for a reply, walk many blocks due to the transit reduction, shove money through what's usually the I.D. card slot & then pick up the goods from a stool in the dispensary airlock. Stocked up too, as one never knows when/if non-essential enforcement will start (It's essential to me, & as the mayor is now allowing bars & restaurants to sell take-out booze, if he gets pissy about muggles we can at least call him a two-faced hypocrite.) & to avoid unnecessary trips.
Troops, germs, whatever.
This whole virus thing might actually affect me. My avoidance of human contact has served me well enough; haven't had a cold or flu since around the turn of the millennium, when I was still wage-slaving. Didn't contract anything even when sleeping in the West L.A. Armory w/ scores of the also wretched & dispossessed or when urban camping. None-the-fucking-less, better safe than sorry. For example, this made me a little nervous:
William Feuer / CNBC:
CDC says coronavirus survived in Princess Cruise ship cabins for up to 17 days after passengers left  — The coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days, a study published Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.  — The study examines two public health responses …
The sun sets on the Murkin Empire.

*The '84 Olympics, smart-ass. This reporter was not here for the 1932 Olympics.

Seahorse Damaged By Bomb

FRI 23 MAR 1945
LCVPs (TG 122.5.1) ferry between 4,000 and 4,500 troops from General George S. Patton's Third Army as it crosses the Rhine at Oppenheim, Germany.

U.S. tanker Oklahoma, bound for Dakar, French West Africa, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-532 in mid-Atlantic, 13°52'N, 41°17'W; 36 of the 46-man merchant complement, and 14 of the 26-man Armed Guard die in the resulting conflagration as the ship had been carrying a cargo of high-octane gasoline and kerosene (see 14 April).

TF 58 (Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher) begins daily strikes against Japanese shipping and installations in the Okinawa area. TF 58 planes sink army cargo ship Kachosan Maru 25 miles northwest of Okinawa, 30°23'N, 128°40'E. Cargo vessel No.19 Yamato Maru is also sunk in these strikes. In addition, TF 58 aircrew also claim sinking one midget submarine and damaging another, and damaging Coast Defense Ship No.29 and submarine chaser Ch 58 off Sotsukozaki.

Destroyer Haggard (DD-555) is damaged when she rams and sinks Japanese submarine RO 41 in the Philippine Sea, 22°57'N, 132°19'E.

Submarine Seahorse (SS-304) is damaged by aerial bomb off the Ryukyus, 26°00'N, 128°00'E.

Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) attacks Japanese Sasebo-to-Ishigaki convoy SAI-05 in the East China Sea about 120 miles north-northwest of Amami O Shima, sinking transport Doryu Maru, 29°38'N, 127°36'E.

Fleet tug Zuni (ATF-95) is damaged by grounding off Iwo Jima, 24°46'N, 141°19'E.

USAAF B-24 (5th Air Force) sinks Japanese cargo ship Hokka Go Maru (ex-Chinese Peihua) 110 miles northeast of Wenchow, China, 29°21'N, 122°66'E.

USAAF B-24 attacks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.40, 26°58'N, 120°29'E, but although the airmen claim damage to their quarry, she in fact escapes undamaged.

Japanese destroyer Kuri is damaged by mine at mouth of Yangtze River.

Just Like the "Spanish" Flu

The 1918-19 pandemic infected & killed the healthy & middle-aged, as well as the infants & elderly who are the ordinary victims of flu. That's what made it such a killer.

W/ that in mind, read the COVID-19 age distribution & weep.
Los Angeles County on Monday provided new information about the spread of coronavirus as well as the demographics of the patients.
NEW CASES: Officials confirmed Monday there were 128 new COVID-19 cases in the county and two more deaths from the disease caused by the coronavirus. That brings the total number of fatalities in the county to seven and the total case count to 536.
DEMOGRAPHICS: Of those who have tested positive, 80% are people ages 18 to 65, and 42% are in the 18-40 age group. “This virus can infect affect people from across the board,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Public Health Department, on Monday. Those numbers are fairly in line with the statewide breakdown of COVID-19 cases as of Sunday:
  • Ages 0-17: 25 cases
  • Ages 18-49: 837 cases
  • Ages 50-64: 442 cases
  • Ages 65 and older: 415
[L.A. Times]

Bunker Fever

My World & You Are Not Welcome In It!

Not that I don't spend all of my sleeping & 95+% of my waking time in here, but a couple more months & all bets are off.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mine Craft

THU 22 MAR 1945
Patrols land on Inampulugan Island in Guimaras Strait, and destroy a Japanese mine control station and eliminate the small garrison there.

Japanese aircraft attack American shipping in Lingayen Gulf. During the ensuing antiaircraft barrage, friendly fire damages U.S. freighter Ransom A. Moore; there are, however, no casualties among the merchant crew or the 27-man Armed Guard.

Tank landing ship LST-727 is damaged by grounding off Iwo Jima, 24°46'N, 141°19'E.

Submarine Perch (SS-313) sinks Japanese Communication Vessel No. 463 en route to Balikpapan, 01°03'S, 117°20'E.

Japanese submarine chaser Ch 23 is damaged by mine at mouth of Yangtze River.

Covered lighters YF-724 and YF-725 founder and sink in heavy weather 380 miles off the Farallones.


German submarines attack Wales-bound convoy TBC 102 and Ghent, Belgium-bound convoy BTC 103. In the former, U-399 torpedoes and sinks U.S. freighter John R. Park 49°56'N, 05°26'W (all hands are rescued by U.S. freighter American Press); in the latter, what is most likely U-1195 torpedoes and sinks freighter James Eagan Lane, 50°13'N, 04°14'W. British freighter Monkstone and rescue tug Flaunt rescue the survivors. A skeleton crew (including four Armed Guard sailors) reboard the freighter and rig the ship for towing. Tugs Flaunt and Atlas beach the ship at Whitesand Bay, but James Eagan Lane is ultimately written off as a total loss.

U.S. freighter Charles D. McIver sinks after striking a mine as she leaves Antwerp, Belgium, in convoy ATM 100, 31°22'35"N, 03°05'50"W. British motor minesweeper BYMS 2279 rescues one of the four boatloads of survivors; the other three boatloads, rescued by a motor torpedo boat, find safety on board tank landing ship LST-430. Charles D. McIver is later written off as a total loss; there are no casualties among the merchant crew or the 27-man Armed Guard.

Holy Shit, Three Friedman Units?

Juliette Kayyem / The Atlantic:
The Crisis Could Last 18 Months.  Be Prepared.  —  The shutdowns happened remarkably quickly, but the process of resuming our lives will be far more muddled.  —  Get your battle rhythm, I keep telling myself, as I put on my oversize sweatpants for the third day in a row.
Not a guesstimate:
From a public-health standard, the pandemic will not end for another 18 months. The only complete resolution—a vaccine—could be at least that far away. The development of a successful vaccine is both difficult and not sufficient. It must also be manufactured, distributed, and administered to a nation’s citizens. Until that happens, as recent reports from the U.S. government and from scientists at London’s Imperial College point out, we will be vulnerable to subsequent waves of the new coronavirus even if the current wave happens to ebb.