Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Right-Wing Valentine's Day

Oh looky, Gateway Pundit managed to comb his fading hair for his White House photo op w/ his Boy Wonder. Are you worried about the young man's safety, knowing what we know about Mr. Hoft?
Sadly, not a White House stage set. Courtesy Gateway Pundit.
We also note Gateway Pundit is very very angry at the traitor Erick Erickson, who, on the other hand (although the same side of the aisle) thinks Jimbo is either venal or mental:
Gateway Pundit has not only misled a ton of people through fake news, but relying on him has gotten others into trouble too. In October, Gateway Pundit ran this story about a postal worker bragging about ripping up absentee ballots. Multiple conservative outlets ran with it. But it was not true. The twitter account was from a comedian trying to bait people. It worked and Gateway Pundit running the story roped in other conservatives who the left was able to attack as purveyors of fake news.

The list goes on and on.

I try to ignore this, but I think people on the right need to stand up for integrity on our own side. Whether there’s a traffic obsession and that site is willing to publish nonsense knowingly or a mental issue and that site is publishing nonsense they really believe or something else, it is still a problem.
You can imagine the hissy fit Hoft threw, in his inimitable junior high-schooler style.
Treasonous #NeverTrumper Blog Attacks Gateway Pundit – Desperately Seeks Relevance
On Monday Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft and Washington DC correspondent Lucian Wintrich attended their first White House press briefing.

Far left websites Politico, The New York Times, Media Matters and CNN attacked The Gateway Pundit because they fear their monopoly on controlling the media narrative is in jeopardy.

This is understandable. If you follow any of the White House press briefings it’s obvious the majority of reporters are not so much interested in informing the public as they are in destroying the Trump administration.

We expected this from liberal news outlets.

But now the #NeverTrumper crowd is also attacking The Gateway Pundit.

NEVER Trust a #NeverTrumper…

Treasonous Erick Erickson the founder of the anti-Trump Redstate blog, a popular website among smug elites who hate Trump, posted an attack on The Gateway Pundit today at his new website The Resurgent.

Erick is very angry that he has lost all respect from principled conservatives after his disgusting campaign to take Donald Trump down and put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

He is also VERY JEALOUS that The Gateway Pundit has soared in success this past year after we consistently supported the most popular and successful Republican presidential candidate in modern history.
After we participated in the White House press briefing yesterday Erickson posted this:
Erickson even used the same attacks as Media Matters did to attack The Gateway Pundit. When you start repeating Media Matters propaganda you know you’ve lost all credibility.
Such a sour loser.
Here are a few articles on Erickson’s attacks on Donald Trump.
Erickson never did apologize to Trump supporters after his constant attacks on candidate Trump during the election up to Election Day.
On October 19, 2016 Erickson was still bashing Donald Trump.

Today Erick Erickson attacked The Gateway Pundit.
Maybe he’s vying for a job with Media Matters?
What an angry traitor.
One always hopes for a punchy, clever conclusion, but in cases like this all I can think is to rub the typist's nose in 💩,
as if he were an especially stupid 🐩 who keeps pooping in the house.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I loved that opening photo of Hoft and "his Boy Wonder". Probably not the best decision on the part of the now out-and-openly-gay Hoft to use those hand gestures; just sayin'....