Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Freedom Day"

Stand by for failure!
Sheffield, who blogs for Forbes, believes there is a market for a conservative outlet that sits between the Wall Street Journal and Fox News on the ideological spectrum.

"There is a need and people will be hungry for a voice that is moderately conservative and respectful," she said. "That's what we're going for."
Sure, the not-as-greed-crazed-as-The W.S.J. yet not-as-crazed-w/-senile-dementia-caused-fear-&-hatred-as-FOXNews niche is a huge yet woefully underserved market. As is my lard ass.
Sheffield has a litany of influences, many of which are far from conservative -- including Huffington Post, Slate and BuzzFeed.

She wants the site to be a "solid source for good reporting and good journalism," and she said it will have an "independent voice." But it isn't hard to detect its conservative streak.

The site bills itself as a platform "centered on personal responsibility and sustainable capitalism."*

This week's headlines have included "Hillary Clinton Put America's Security At Risk. Why Doesn't That Bother Primary Voters?" and "We Already Have Earth Day, So Why Not Freedom Day?"
Inde-fucking-pendence Day? Thanksgiving Day? Nope, not enough! Shallowness like "Freedom Day" is just the sort of thing that everyone who isn't straight, white, male, Christian & Republican has had enough of already, thenk yew veddy much. See also: Thoughts & Prayers.
*Releasing the safety on the Browning time. (Who knew?)


Cirze said...

Can we eat our Freedom Fries on Freedom Day?

Maybe we can eat French Fries then as the French are back in line on the Middle East/Asian wars.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Freedom Day™, brought to you by the Koch Brothers.