Friday, January 10, 2014

Show Biz Lice

Book reveals Hollywood helps the C.I.A. And some 10¢ psych:
“These are people who have made a lot of money basically making stuff up,” the colleague said. “A lot of them, at least the smarter and more self-aware ones, realize that what they do makes them ridiculously rich but is also ephemeral and meaningless in the larger scheme of things*. So they’re receptive to helping the CIA in any way they can, probably in equal parts because they are sincerely patriotic and because it gives them a taste of real life intrigue.”
Also gossip.
Rizzo described a scene from “years ago” when one of the CIA’s Hollywood recruiters came to him with news that a major film star wanted to work for the agency after he found out a rival actor had been doing so. “Now this actor was offering his own name and services to us.  Free of charge. Anything he could do. Just out of his patriotic duty.”

There was one catch, Rizzo’s colleague told him: “He wants us to score for him the best $50,000 stash of cocaine we can find.”

Rizzo’s response: “No. No way. Forget it.”

The star helped anyway, Rizzo wrote.
See? Real American patriots, who've done more for this country's national security state than all the teabaggers combined.
*In the "larger scheme of things," you dumb fuck, we'd all be lucky to reach ephemeral meaninglessness.

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Weird Dave said...

I aspire to reach ephemeral meaninglessness.

I'm pretty sure if I keep on going I'll get there.