Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Think Lou Reed Is A Creep II

But now he's dead, it doesn't matter.

Listened to this just yesterday or Friday.Can't really apply causation here, but wouldn't it be neat if our watching a video/listening to a tune resulted in the almost immediate death of someone involved in the video?

As the editorial staff had no acquaintance w/ Mr. Reed (Legal name: Lewis Allen Rabinowitz.) we will relinquish the microphone to those who did:
K: Do you still think Lou Reed is a creep?
A(dny Shernoff): Well, I'm a fan of Lou Reed's. I guess he IS a creep, yeah.
And here's what Lou thought of you, fans & music consumers:Betcha can't listen all the way through. (Not that there's any reason to. Points to him for getting RCA to put it out, 'though.)

Weird Dave left this earlier (w/o context):Reed sure boxed himself in. 40+ yrs. of output & all we really care about are two evocative junk numbers from his first disc. Could have been remembered by this one, so ...We've used this title before. Other mention.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He may have been a creep but he was the hottest thing since World War Three.

Weird Dave said...

Just 'cause he was a creep doesn't mean I didn't like him.

Substance McGravitas said...

Betcha can't listen all the way through.

Hmm, what are you betting?

Robert Guffanti said...

I bought the album from the cut-out bin in 1975, took it home,and my buddy and I listened to it all the way through. We thought side three was the best, so we listened to it again. I have never listened to it again, until today.

M. Bouffant said...

Welching Editor:
Good find, B. (Had no idea.)

Rule of thumb is, artistes start sucking when they leave the band for a "solo career." Liked Berlin though.

Sorry, no betting w/ musical sophisticates who're beyond concepts like painful/not-painful or good/bad.

Also qualifying the (pretend) bet: All 1:34:36 at one sitting, or nothing!

I have never listened to it again, until today.
Exactly. You don't have to. (Cut-outs rule!) We were disappointed it was pulled from the market before we could hear it, & if we've heard it via YouTube in the last few yrs., we don't remember.

Side three, you say?

Substance McGravitas said...

Also qualifying the (pretend) bet: All 1:34:36 at one sitting, or nothing!

Um, okay. What's disturbing is the breaks between sides.

M. Bouffant said...

Audio Editorio:
Side breaks must be disturbing for the CD/mp3 generation. (But imagine having to stand up & move to hear the other side of an L.P. How did our generation survive?)