Friday, August 30, 2013

Sport Report

One of the many reasons San Francisco's (baseball) Giants suck so hard this yr. (59 & 74, bottom of the barrel in the NL West through games of 29 August 2013): The karmic result of fucking workers.
The Department of Labor found that major and minor league clubhouse workers in the Giants organization worked longer hours than were recorded and made less than minimum wage. The employment agreement for clubhouse workers stipulated that they would make $55 for working 5.5 hours a day, but they were actually working 12 to 15 hours, according to the investigation. They also were not paid overtime. The club also improperly classified some employees in a way that allowed them to avoid paying overtime. And they failed to pay overtime, or paid too little overtime to some administrative staffer.
We've shouted it before, we'll shout it again: "Stupid wage-slaves/
Your bosses will work you 'til you're in your graves!"

Employer abuse has never been stopped by fines & payment of owed wages alone; steps must be taken. Everyone in the Giants organization responsible for this outrage, right up the chain to where the buck stops, ownership, should be fired, their chattel should be taken to pay the screwed employees & the severe fines that need to be imposed, & all responsible should be publicly torturedput in the stocks where, for a small fee, the people themselves could heave rotten foodstuffs & small (Really, not kidding about this people.) rocks or pebbles at them. Real democracy in action. May the streets run orange w/ their blood!

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I thought reptiles had blue blood.