Monday, August 5, 2013

George Bush The Traitor

What that gawd-damned ignorant Oedipal shithead closet case George W(ar Criminal). Bush should have ordered on 6 August 2001, the instant after he was notified of potential attacks by Bin Laden:
The Pentagon has placed its elite cadre of special operations teams on full alert to launch preemptive attacks against suspected al Qaeda targets across the globe, according to reports.

The American special forces teams have spent the past week waiting for U.S. military and intelligence officials to confirm the whereabouts of the terror cell plotting to attack U.S. diplomatic outposts in the Mideast and North Africa.

Unnamed sources told CNN on Monday that the teams were poised to carry out the preemptive strikes, but declined to comment on where the U.S. forces were located or which potential targets the Pentagon has identified.
That's how a powerful, aggressive & imperialistic nation does things"defends" itself. (Barack Obama's a quick study isn't he?)

But that's not how George Bush rolled. A smirk, "you've covered your ass," & back to playing cowboy. If Al Gore had taken office in 2001 (per the will of the people) & he'd responded as Bush did the hysterical screams of "Traitor!" would still echo from one reactionary cretin to the next across the polluted American landscape.

Not that Gore would have responded that way. Compared to Bush, he's an adult & understands job performance, duty & so on. As well as what the hell the Prez is supposed to do. (While Bush learned about responsibility from his daddy's friends, who bailed him out every time he failed to do his job, from the Air National Guard to the failed oil companies he left in his wake. There's some personal fucking responsibility for you!!) Whatever issues & problems Gore may have, unlike Bush he doesn't hate himself or the country that's given both the Bush & Gore families so much. (Typical of Bush to be an ingrate, innit?)

If these United Snakes won't hand Bush to an international tribunal, can we administer a little tree-based justice to him? Couple of oaks right in front of the House of Bush from which we could hang the bastard.
Yankees whose friends & relatives were killed or permanently damaged as a direct result of the incompetence & ignorance of Bush & his flunkies & Dick Cheney will have first dibs on pulling that rope tight!

Or burn down his awful lie-berry w/ him trapped inside:
Ugly & should be burned to the ground
no matter who's trapped inside.
Who's w/ us? Sign our "String Up The Traitor George Bush Now!" petition as soon as we get it on the iNternet. Don't let the NSA scare you either. (In other words, don't be a coward like Bush.)
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