Thursday, February 16, 2012

99¢ Only Store Psych Dep't.

Mustaine’s socially conservative values, however, weren’t doing much for his own life at the time. His rocky two-year stint in Metallica in the early '80s ended in large part over his raging alcoholism and drug use. Some years later, he turned to Christianity after growing discontent with Alcoholics Anonymous. In a 2007 interview with Decibel magazine, Mustaine explained: “It's supposed to be founded in believing in God, but say the word God in an AA meeting and most people's asses grow together*. So I kinda just went to the source … I figured I'd go direct to God, cut out the middleman, and not have to pay my dollar every week.”
Still trying to show mother something, Dave?

He’s even down with Rick Perry’s notion that President Obama is waging a “war on religion,” a notion that has now been adopted and even intensified by the remaining candidates. “It's pretty clear that they're taking prayer out of school. It's been happening for a very long time. The very first schoolbook that was written had God all over it. I collect books and I have some really, really old schoolbooks, and God is mentioned on every single page. They're taking God out of the schools to dumb us down.”

*This reaction is most often observed in alkies raised in the Catholic Church who were drinking to forget.

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