Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please Put Them Out Of Their Misery,
'Cause We're Suffering Just Thinking About Them

We suppose they're too fucking stupid or self-retarded to know any better, but still: Is there any reason for this species to be allowed to continue making the planet uninhabitable for themselves w/ environmental pollution, & ruining the human-constructed world w/ ideological confusion & ignorance?

Many Think Health Care Law Was Repealed

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that nearly half of Americans either believe that President Obama's signature health care law has been repealed (22%) or they aren't sure (26%). Only 52% accurately say that it is still the law.
Oh crap, it gets worse:

Trump Not Surprised by Poll

Donald Trump told CNN he wasn't at all surprised by a new poll which showed him a in a virtual dead heat with President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 presidential race.

Said Trump: "The poll came out, and we're in a virtual tie and I haven't campaigned...I'm not really, despite that, that surprised, because it's a message of common sense. We can have a great country again, the problem is we don't have the right leadership. We don't have the right leaders. We don't have people that have any semblance of negotiation."
Read that last sentence again. He has our vote.


wildhobo said...

Alright, so we have a Senate, still controlled by Democrats but 2012 may change that and then we Democrats will really be SOL. Even before 2012, there may be some weak sisters among our Democratic Senators who may think that getting along with Republicans might save their seats. The funny - not "rigolo" -is that we Democrats did it to ourselves when so many of us didn't even bother to vote in 2010. All it takes, for Christ's sakes, is a bloody 44 cents stamp to send your ballot by mail. Is that too much to ask? After all the publicity that was given to the importance of voting, by either side? I agree, no one with an ounce of brains should really think that Obama's signature has been superseded by a bunch of arrogant self-seeking peacocks in the House.
No, you will not be SOL if you don't have an attorney, but you need just a bit more brains. Unfortunately you don't need them if you don't care about your country but you do need brains if you do care. And you do need a little more brains to realise that all the cost cutting in the world isn't going to do diddly to bring the deficit down. Only tax increases on corporations and the superrich really will and will be enough. Come on, do you really think it's selfishness on the part of the middle class to soak it to corporations and the superrich, or have you not thought of the selfishness on the part of the corporations and the superrich who resist giving our government the means to bring all of us out of the hole we're in? Which selfishness do you prefer?

Yeah, use it against me if you wish but I am proud to be an American and even more proud of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who introduced America to the notion that Social Security - not the privatized kind - and Medicare are indispensable in a society as large as ours. They are emblematic of programs that help keep Americans out of misery and out of disease, although far from 100%. Ask yourself if you want more homeless on street corners and if you want more contagion from sick kids in our schools and if you want to catch it from sick people anywhere people are thrown together - say a subway car, a bus, an airplane. How about a gulpful of the germs eructed from your irresponsible cougher and sneezer in the seat next to you?

Ask yourself if you want gridlock in our Government again, because that is what you will get if you want Senators and representatives to vote to keep you and your children healthy and if only because none of you will want to sacrifice what has been so hard to win in the last 70 years to help ensure our parents don't have to rely on you to survive in their old age. If you are a Republican, tell your representatives to vote with Democrats to help keep FDR's legacy alive. If you want jobs, remember a sick person can't get one or stay with one: that means you.. If you want your kids to have an education, remember they can't get one without books, well informed teachers and basic modern devices so they can stay up with kids in other advanced nations.
Make America healthy, make them educated, make them well fed and you'll be healthier, your kids will be better educated, and our streets will be freeer of crime and human rejects. That can't happen without money and that money isn't going to come unless you get it out of those who have the most of it. Even you may have to provide some of it, but there's a whole class of people who abuse our laws and don't pay a cent though their bank accounts are full of it. Money does not come from trees or from Heaven, which has decreed we're on our own - because no one else will unless we make them.

M. Bouffant said...

Agreeable Editor Thinks So Too:


wildhobo said...

Disillusioned Left? Come on, let's fight!
I believe the Left needs to be more partisan, not less. Today, the Left is disillusioned because it had ingenuous, visionary illusions. The Right is never disillusioned because the hope for satisfaction of greed can never be a vision. In today’s politics, illusions are redundant and practical solutions have taken their place. This time, we must fight to win! This is why I support more partisanship, even as Obama says he yearns for less. More partisanship is needed to kill off the Right's ever gushing lies.

AThe disillusioned, the independents thought they could afford not to vote at all, or vote green, so their voices could be heard. What they got instead in 2010 was a damaged democracy.

I think the divide has now become too pronounced to hope for a civil discussion of the real issues confronting the Nation, such as education, health care, and true deficit reduction. In other words, we can’t afford to give any more ground at all for the next 17 months. We must corral the weak sisters among us and rally the independents. Above all, we must be more disciplined within the Party and more united, even if some of our ideals are temporarily put on hold. We must mobilise to a more "military" course of action.

Republicans are revving up the political engine so as to drown out our voices. If we let them, their aim for 2012 will be achieved: total destruction of the American social legislation, going as far back as Teddy R.'s, the entire social revitalisation started by FDR and continued by LBJ and WJC. The ever meandering middle class, the trembling, often disinformed seniors, the women, the non-unionised workers and the minorities must be brought together and learn they are on the brink of a precipice.

After years of Bushism, after the provocations of the likes of Ryan, Palin and Trump, Americans badly need to see what a preference for either side portends for them over the next 20 years. Do we need two decades of misery to realise we have been duped? Unless we re-arm now, the harm will have been done and won't be undone for our children and grandchildren.

I think that the moment has arrived when we finally drop all forms of accommodation and go for the jugular. We know what Congressman, what corporation, what shadowy group, what industry back the Right. We know which show host poisons the airwaves with lies and denials of the evident. We know which broadcasters lend them a privileged podium. We must rip, very publicly, the veil under which they all hide, and prove why and what they lie about. We must tell American women, our middle class, our seniors, our indigenous Native Americans, our homeless, our immigrants how their future and that of their children are at stake. The Senate must hold fast to what it has and break every Republican legislative attempt to water down social legislation. . We must heed what our President says about the "carnival barkers" of the Right. We must denounce each and everyone of them personally, but, of course, when we cut them to size, we shall be most "civil" about it.

If we continue down the accommodation path, the rest of the world will know we can be pushed around and can’t be reliable allies. I have the urge to say that with Panetta at Defence and Petraeus at the CIA, we shall have a more credible “don’t mess with us” attitude. That’s the kind of attitude that, in today's national politics, will help turn the liberals’ illusion into a reality and repair the damage the Right has done to our country.

What liberals did in Wisconsin is proof that, when pushed, Americans know how to push back. If 2012 is going to be an OK Corral showdown, then let it be. When the smoke clears, we’ll know, the world will know, of what mettle real Americans are made.