Saturday, May 21, 2022

Non-Endorsement: Mitch O'Farrell

Don't vote for whore Mitch O'Farrell, owned by the parasitic landlords "in the amount of US$2,637,500".
Progressives target Democratic incumbents on LA City Council
  • Members of the Democratic Socialists of America's LA chapter helped Council member Nithya Raman become the first challenger to unseat an incumbent in 17 years
  • Two years later, volunteer Mike Rose has been redistricted into Council District 13 and is helping to oust a Democrat incumbent once again
  • The homelessness crisis became a flashpoint last year when Councilman Mitch O’Farrell lead an operation to fence off Echo Park Lake to remove an encampment
  • Spectrum News requested an interview with O’Farrell’s campaign but never heard back
Oddly enough, this reporter was redistricted out of District 13, so he'll be unable to help vote moneybags O'Farrell the hell out.
When you're gentrified onto the streets, remember where your rent money went: O'Farrell's pocket.

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