Friday, May 20, 2022

Another Reason To Vote! Him! Out!

Th' fucking hell's this load of codswallop have to do w/ sheriffin'? Or anything, really?If he wants to be a politician, fine. But his record at sheriffing probably precludes success at anything but the office in which he's currently incumbent.

Oh, lookit this. A new ad!

LA Archdiocese Asks Villanueva Campaign To Nix Ad That Features The Sheriff Praying In A Local Church

The L.A. Archdiocese says a parish priest at St. Alphonsus Church in East L.A. did not have the authority to allow Sheriff Alex Villanueva to film a reëlection campaign ad at their location.
For the musical selection, cursory research indicates neither a St. Alphonzo (nor Alphonso) so the inspiration for the song may well be the St. Alphonsus Church the Sheriff desecrated.
Musical bonus, from the tag in the Sheriff's ad.
Text bonus:
Plus, Villanueva’s re-election bid has been filled with “culture war” nonsense, including speaking out against “woke-ism.” Oliver also took aim at Villanueva’s 30-second campaign ad, which he called “maybe one of the dumbest things that I have ever seen.”

The ad includes a beautiful woman rollerblading past tents of unhoused people, a mother and child gleefully playing in a sandbox with unhoused people in it, and a man giving a woman a foot massage—seemingly having the time of their lives—as people are stealing stuff from their home, all as “Ave Maria” plays and Villanueva talks vaguely about “standing up to the corruption” in a voiceover.

“Now, obviously, that is all idiotic—from the 1990s rollerblader to the song choice for your California dream ad being ‘Ave Maria’ and not, I don’t know, ‘California Dreamin’,’ to the fact that everyone there is having an absolute ball, including the people experiencing a break-in. I’ve honestly never seen anyone this happy getting robbed, and I’ve seen Glenn Close at the Oscars eight times,” Oliver said.

He proceeded to call it “the most unwatchable depiction of Southern California since La La Land.”

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