Sunday, September 20, 2020

Exclusive: First Release of "1776 Commission" Materials

Frontiers Of Freedom

Soon to be required viewing for every American, a look at how great the America of Donald Trump's ragged synapses is, & how it got to be that way, before everything went to hell around 1950 or so.The goofy synthesizer muzak adds to the general weirdness, but one must assume there was music & quite possibly narration for this lovely little pageant. Save your imagination, we found it:This version has title cards, irritating time code & a different male narrator.Neither professional version has the Plymouth Rock shtik & other stuff in the first five mins. of the home flicks. And for the hell of it (Or the complete documentary experience.) the Santa Fe "Indian village" & other stuff. Like a Powell & Market cable car, which was surprising.The whole mess apparently was an inspiration for effing Disneyland.

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