Friday, September 11, 2020

"Now You've Covered Your Ass":
When Babylon Burned, Thanks To Bush

Fuck you jingoistic bastards in the mouth. Phony patriotism is for suckers & losers, as you may have heard recently. This country got what it deserved in 2001, just as it's getting it good & hard now under Trump. 200,000 dead any day now!
Truth & Fact & Correct:  Babylon Deh Pon Fire
Does it ever occur to you fucking sheep there may be actual reasons these kinds of things continue to happen to this shithole nation beyond "they hate us for our freedumbs" & the selection (despite the actual vote) of incompetent Republicans as President? Like, even deeper problems?

P.S.: Did we note 200,000 plague dead? That's 66.66666666666667 September Elevenths. So far. Enjoy autumn.

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