Monday, September 28, 2020

All Stats Approx.

Richard Pérez-Peña / New York Times:   Coronavirus Deaths Pass One Million Worldwide  —  Over the past 10 months, the virus has taken more lives than H.I.V., malaria, influenza and cholera.  And as it sows destruction in daily life around the globe, it is still growing quickly.  —  More than H.I.V. More than dysentery.
Taegan Goddard / Political Wire:   Coronavirus Deaths Pass One Million Worldwide
Dave Lawler / Axios:   Global coronavirus death toll crosses 1 million  —  The global toll of confirmed deaths from COVID-19 crossed 1 million on Monday, according to data from Johns Hopkins.  —  By the numbers: More than half of those deaths have come in four countries: the U.S. (204,762), Brazil (141,741), India (95,542) and Mexico (76,430).
Nurith Aizenman / NPR:   COVID-19 Deaths Top 1 Million. How These 5 Countries Are Driving the Pandemic
Ted Mann / Wall Street Journal:   Global Coronavirus Deaths Surpass One Million
Politico:   POLITICO Playbook: The latest September surprise
A million daid across this world of shit & pain, 20% of them (206,000+ as we type) just from our shithole nation, which has less than 4% of the planet's population. How does that happen? Where's the outrage? Oh you're all just like me? Don't really give a shit, because why should one? (Apparently Old Lives Still Don't Matter in these United Snakes.) 

What concerns me is anyone, left, right or squshed [sic] mess in the middle of the road who pretends to be outraged, sort of ("Oh, the humanity", to coin a phrase.) but not really enough to do anything but type crap. "Where's the national mourning & grieving?", yada. If he's killing you, where are the death threats? Bullshit & hypocrisy, all of it.

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