Monday, August 27, 2012


From another universe barely recognizable as an odd mutation of what we know as reality, this has jumped the dimensional divide:(You must listen for an impression she does of somebody. We have no idea who.) What is she on about? Literal textual analysis may help.
LOESCH: What is that shrieking that you hear? Do you hear that? What is that? I think Joe Biden would call it, like, squealing pigs, wouldn't he? That's the left collectively losing their minds because ZOMG, ZOMG-BBQ! Mitt Romney made a joke. He made a joke. The left doesn't -- the left likes to have a sense of humor except when it comes to conservatives. When it comes to conservatives, we are no longer funny. We have no humor after conservatives talk. He was just making a joke. The Obama campaign sells mugs with birth certificates on them on their website. Give me a break. You people need to stop being all uptight. Did you just say you people?
Nope. Still nothing.

The birf surf-i-ticket on the mugs is because of silly accusations. No one's ever said Willard Mitt was born anywhere besides Michigan. So there's no point in pointing it out about himself; it's not a "moment of levity." (Think about "moment of levity." Can they be less connected to humans?) Lest we forget, it was Mitt's father JorgeGeorge who was hecho en Mexico. And George's father & whichever sister wife his mother was may not have been U.S. citizens. Got a joke for that?

Thanks of a sort to an apparent obsessive.


mikey said...

C'mon. This is bizarre. Nobody, I'm saying NO BODY gives to fucks and a shit-whistle about this crap.

Here's what it is, underneath the corrupt American press and ginned up political outrage. The Republicans are doomed, demographically. Already their policy agenda is unpopular, but there is enough tribal hatred for them to have a chance to ride this dishonest campaign to the White House.

Their opponent is what we call a "moderate republican", somewhat grounded in reality and somewhat brutal and bloodthirsty when it comes to international relations and civil liberties.

The difference is between a party that genuinely would like to improve the economy and reduce the unemployment rate and a party that exists solely to enable the upward redistribution of wealth and power.

This is their last chance to drive such an extreme agenda. If they win, everything's in play. If they lose, they'll HAVE to back off or lose credibility and viability as a national party - they'll continue to win the House because the nature of Congressional districts supports their bigotry and provincialism. This one matters a bunch, and after this it theoretically gets easier.

Of course, if what you want is a complete meltdown of western "civilization", then Romney's your guy.


M. Bouffant said...

No Future Editor:
Not sure if the Republicans are even competent enough to fuck things up to the point where everything falls apart, so our commitment to nihilism (& excellence) in this case is a little wishy-washy.

And we're maybe not so convinced that age & ethnicity are going to make as much difference to political/class affiliation as now. (That assumes people having jobs & despising taxes & "moochers" in the future.) 2012 probably is their last shot for a while; we might predict a split of some sort, maybe in 2020 if they triple down on the lunacy in 2016 & lose then too.

In the long run, we're all dead (some of us blessedly sooner than others, actuarially anyway) mostly because we've been shitting the nest for so long. It won't really matter who's pretending to run things then.

Murfyn said...

The voice she's doing is Limbaugh. I know, it makes no sense in context, she should say that as herself, unless she phrased it differently, then she could do some elitist lefty voice, whatever that would be. The Stephanie Miller show was re-playing that squealing sound, which apparently annoyed Dana. So that's funny.

M. Bouffant said...

Audio Editor:
Busted! We heard it on Stephanie Miller's show & went looking for it.