Sunday, August 5, 2012

Focus: Yes/No?

A simple-enough dichotomy, yet the editorial camera constantly struggles w/ it.
Mere seconds:
Don't make us read the fucking manual, NIKON Vietnam Inc.


Aunt Snow said...

Mine, too.

Weird Dave said...

Doesn't your camera have a ring on the outside of the lens to adjust that focus thing?
Well, if not, I would suggest reading the instructions.

NIKON Vietnam Inc.
- 'Cause making shit in China costs too damn much.

BadTux said...

Dave, the new cameras have this thing called "autofocus". Which, uhm, seems to take a while. And no, most new cameras do *not* have any provisions for manual focus, the only ones that do are expensive DSLR's and who can afford one of those other than insufferable yuppys with more money than sense, anyhow?

Weird Dave said...

Just reminding our host of the good old days (like how my Instamatic w/ FlashCube was 'autofocus').

Even my POS point-n-shoot has a manual mode where I can control the focus, f/stop, and shutter speed and get all effecty. The problem with the cheap ones (besides reading the manual to figure out how all the crap works (that's a problem with the expensive ones too)) is that you usually have to scroll through a selection menu and use the same buttons as the zoom, making it neither fast nor easy.
And autofocus often has a few different settings on what it decides to focus on so again...

M. Bouffant said...

Out of Focus Editor:
Our first soul-stealer was an Instamatic w/ FlashCube. Autofocus indeed.

And it's not as if we could have focused in time manually to get either of those.

Funny thing, back when we cared we would have read the manual.