Thursday, June 1, 2023

Landlord Not The Only One At Fault

A timeline of concerns raised about Iowa apartment building, months before it partially collapsed

Why, it's almost as if the City of Davenport doesn't give a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about its residents.
Chief Building Official Trishna Pradhan signs a notice of public hazard that says the southwest wall “has been gradually falling” and there is “visible crumbling of this exterior load bearing wall under the support beam.”

Pradhan says “emergency vacate orders will be posted on the building if the falling masonry area is not secured.” Notes show Pradhan was working with the building’s owner, Andrew Wold, on repairs.

This reporter has to wonder if "working with the building’s owner" is a cute way of saying "accepting bribes from the building’s owner". The landlord's money is always more important than human life & limb, whether it's straight-up bribery or the landlord/parasite whining "I can't afford it now" & the city just giving in. 

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Ten Bears said...

Am I the only one who listened to the NPR report? Is was in use as a homeless shelter ...