Thursday, November 25, 2021

Canada's Real Loonie

O Canada

Mack Lamoureux / VICE:
QAnon's ‘Queen of Canada’ Calls for Followers to ‘Kill’ People Vaccinating Children  —  QAnon influencer Romana Didulo told her 70,000 followers that “duck-hunting season is open” and by ducks she means healthcare workers, politicians, and journalists.
Well, I'm Norton VII, Emperor of The United States & Protector of Mexico, & I'm ordering my follower(s) to kill 'em all; Gawd will know his own.

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Ten Bears said...

Remember the Cheney Doctrine? The 1% Doctrine - if there's a one percent chance someone is a threat to me I have the right to pre-emptively eliminate the threat?

Can't miss one of those red hats ...