Friday, November 19, 2021

It's Murder!

  1. Kill the judge.
  2. Kill the jury.
  3. Kill the murderer.
Locally, it wasn't even manslaughter:
A Los Angeles jury Friday acquitted L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Liu of voluntary manslaughter in the killing of an unarmed motorist at a Norwalk gas station in 2016.

Baker pointed out that Sheriff’s Department policy prohibits deputies from shooting at moving cars. Under the policy, "firearms shall not be discharged at a stationary or moving vehicle" or its occupants unless deputies are being threatened with a gun or some other "deadly force by means other than the moving vehicle."

“Francisco Garcia should not have stolen the car. He should not have tried to flee,” Baker told the jury. “But he didn’t deserve to die for it.”

The laws against illegal gun possession & crossing state lines w/ an illegally obtained weapon mean nothing. Nor does the L.A. Sheriff's shooting policy. Why should I obey any of your laws? Let anarchy reign!

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Al said...

Anarchy is belief in voluntary cooperation in non-hierarchical institutions and societies. Anarchy is mutual aid. Anarchy does not mean violence.