Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Local Outlook Bleak

Guessing this doesn't include any spike from New Yr.'s Eve in-person boogieing down, or the new & improved more contagious strain of the plague.
As an agoraphobe ("There are humanoids out there, & they're selling shit to each other!!!") it's already tough for this reporter to leave the bunker; this is no help whatsoever. Which would be worse, starving to death or dying in sedated intubated agony? Sedation is probably preferable.

"Dog Breath, In The Second Year Of The Plague"
P.S.: These United Snakes have now reported more coronavirus deaths (355,000 & rising) than the number two & three nations in mortality (Brazil, India) combined. Great fucking job, Trump Maladministration. I hope a recovered victim or survivor of a victim kills Trump in a righteous act of revenge, & soon.

Note to self: An image, text & a musical selection? Xmas is long gone; stop spoiling the readers.

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