Friday, January 22, 2021

Not This Time

In 47ish yrs. resident in Los Angeles County this reporter, never one to shirk his civic duty or to avoid work, has served on two (civil) juries, & been called to or been on-call several other times w/o getting to stick it to the man or a large corporation. Ordinarily I'd be interested in this.
Can anybody read this?
Are they out of their ever-loving minds? No way in hell w/ the plague raging & me aged & co-morbid.

Had to effing leave the bunker thrice today, & rode four different buses. Enough exposure until spring arrives.

One expedition was for medication that must be taken more or less exactly every 24 hrs., of which I'd taken the last one last night. Could be worse: The 30 day supply (made in Colvale-Bardez, Goa, India)  for which I shelled out US$137.49 last month was only US$27.27 this month w/ Plan D. 

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