Sunday, January 31, 2021

Council Member Cedillo Speaks

Cedillo said he was especially furious that the demonstration took place in his district, which has been hit hard by the virus. In recent weeks, Cedillo’s office has posted multilingual signs in parts of Westlake, Lincoln Heights, Highland Park and Koreatown warning people they were entering a “high-risk area” for COVID-19, and he also said he’s sent staff members to knock on doors to provide information about vaccinations to senior residents.

Cedillo’s district includes several neighborhoods that are predominantly working class and Latino, two groups that have been disproportionately impacted by the virus. The number of Latinos in L.A. County who are dying from the virus on a daily basis has surged to a shocking degree in recent weeks.

“This mob feels they have a right to try to stop people like seniors, janitors, housekeepers restaurant workers and supermarket workers from getting the vaccine that they covet. That they want,” Cedillo said. “It’s just very offensive. Very arrogant. It’s an incredible sense of entitlement.”

Just who the fucking hell do these disturbed people think they are?
While it is not clear who exactly organized the protest, fliers promoting the event were shared online by the group “Shop Mask Free Los Angeles,” whose members have repeatedly shown up at local supermarkets and retail stores in recent months and attempted to purchase items without masks. The events usually end in arguments between the group’s members and store employees, and sometimes draw law enforcement responses, according to videos the group has published online.

The LAPD has responded to several incidents involving the group, normally bringing peaceful ends to their demonstrations but rarely issuing citations despite the group’s obvious repeated violations of city and county health ordinances that mandate the wearing of masks. Los Angeles police did arrest one member of the group during an incident on Jan. 20, according to city officials, but Lopez could not immediately provide information about that incident or other contacts between the LAPD and those demonstrators.

And why are none of them in custody? Damn moron police. Look at this:

LAPD Reports Department's Third Death in Five Days From Coronavirus, Eighth Overall

Fuck you, oinkers.

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