Saturday, July 13, 2019

Stoic Sinks Fishing Boat

THU 13 JUL 1944
Submarine Cobia (SS-245) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking cargo ship Taishi Maru about 190 miles northwest of Chichi Jima, Bonins, 27°25'N, 140°30'E. Among cargo lost on board Taishi Maru are 28 tanks (26th Tank Regiment).

USAAF B-25s attack Japanese cargo ships off Halmahera, sinking T_kai Maru, 01°25'N, 128°42'E, and damaging Taimei Maru, 01°00'N, 128°00'E.

British submarine HMS Stoic sinks Japanese fishing boat No.55 Nanyo Maru 18 miles from Muka Cape, 05°28'N, 100°11'E.

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