Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Pre-Holiday Attacks

MON 3 JUL 1944
Submarine Albacore (SS-218) sinks Japanese steamer Taimei Maru, en route from Yap to Palau, 08°10'N, 136°18'E.

Submarine Sturgeon (SS-187), in attack on Japanese convoy, sinks Japanese army transport Tairin Maru north of the Nansei Shoto, 28°58'N, 129°51'E.

Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) attacks Japanese convoy in the East China Sea, and sinks merchant passenger/cargo ship Kamo Maru and tanker Konzan Maru west of Kyushu, 32°25'N, 128°46'E.

Destroyer escorts Frost (DE-144) and Inch (DE-146) sink German submarine U-154 off Madeira, 34°00'N, 19°30'W.

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