Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Sea Trouble"

THU 10 FEB 1944
TG 58.4 (Rear Admiral Samuel P. Ginder) planes bomb Japanese installations on Eniwetok Atoll, Marshalls; similar strikes are made on 11 and 12 February.

Tank landing ship LST-170 is damaged by horizontal bomber, off eastern New Guinea, 08°39'S, 148°27'E.

Submarine Hake (SS-256) attacks Japanese mine/netlayer Wakatake, escorting a convoy to Manokwari, 01°43'N, 129°30'E, but achieves no damage. Wakatake's depth charge counterattack is also unsuccessful.

Submarine Pogy (SS-266) sinks Japanese destroyer Minekaze and merchant cargo ship Malta Maru, 85 miles north-northeast of Formosa, 23°20'N, 121°30'E.

Submarine Spearfish (SS-190) damages Japanese transport Tatsuwa Maru southwest of Formosa, 21°53'N, 119°13'E.

PBY sinks Japanese fishing boat Inawa Maru off Wewak.

Japanese fishing vessel Kirishima Maru is damaged by mine off Moulmein.

Japanese cargo ship Waka Maru is sunk by "sea trouble" near Bokai Bay, western Korea, 35°40'N, 126°20'E.

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