Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"Just Sayin", As They Say

A big damn nuclear war on the sub-continent would go a long way toward solving the excess population problem.
India Pakistan: Kashmir fighting sees Indian aircraft downed  —  Pakistan says it has shot down two Indian military jets and captured a pilot in a major escalation between the nuclear powers over Kashmir.  —  India said it had lost one MiG-21 fighter and demanded the immediate and safe return of its pilot.
Steven Hayward / Power Line:   The War Next Time?  —  The media and the Acela corridor …
Saim Saeed / Politico:   Inside the India-Pakistan rivalry
Michael Safi / The Guardian:   Pakistani PM Imran Khan appeals for talks with India to avoid war
Associated Press:   Pakistan says 2 Indian warplanes downed, 2 pilots captured
Al Jazeera:   India-Pakistan crisis disrupts international flights
Tim O'Donnell / The Week:   Pakistani PM to India: ‘Can we afford miscalculation?’
RT:   Pakistan downs 2 Indian aircraft inside its airspace, pilot arrested - military
Franz-Stefan Gady / The Diplomat:   Has Pakistan's JF-17 ‘Thunder’ Block II Fighter Jet Engaged in its First Dogfight?
Jon Brown / The Daily Caller:   Pakistan Reportedly Shoots Down Indian Fighter Jets
Glenn Reynolds / Instapundit:   NONE OF THIS SOUNDS GOOD: India Pakistan: Kashmir fighting sees Indian aircraft downed.Maria Abi-Habib / New York Times:
Pakistani Military Says It Downed Two Indian Warplanes, Capturing Pilot  —  NEW DELHI — Pakistan said Wednesday that it downed two Indian fighter jets and captured a pilot, escalating hostilities between the nuclear-armed neighbors a day after Indian warplanes struck inside Pakistani territory for the first time in five decades.
Ishaan Tharoor / Washington Post:   India and Pakistan may not go to war. But the crisis is escalating.
Nikhil Kumar / CNN:   Why being seen as tough on Pakistan helps India's Modi
Doug Mataconis / Outside the Beltway:   Tensions Flare Between India And Pakistan
Alexia Underwood / Vox:   The recent spike in tensions between India and Pakistan, explained
Rahul Bedi / The Irish Times:
Tensions rise sharply as India and Pakistan engage in aerial dogfights
RT:   1st VIDEO of captured and injured Indian pilot released by Radio Pakistan
Pakistan shot down two Indian jets inside its airspace, government claims, as border crisis escalates
Washington Post:   Pakistan shoots down two Indian aircraft in its airspace, captures pilot
Al Jazeera:   Pakistan shoots down two Indian fighter jets: Military
Lauren Frayer / NPR:   Pakistan Says It's Holding Indian Pilot After Jet Shot Down In Cross-Border Airstrike
Let's you & him fight reduce each other to a smoldering heap of radioactive rubble!

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