Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sub Sunk By Surface Ships

WED 16 FEB 1944
TG 58.4 (Rear Admiral Samuel P. Ginder) planes bomb Eniwetok.

Destroyer Phelps (DD-360) and minesweeper Sage (AM-111) sink Japanese submarine RO-40, 45 miles northwest of Kwajalein, Marshalls, 09°50'N, 166°35'E.

Submarine Skate (SS-305) sinks Japanese light cruiser Agano 170 miles north of Dublon Island, Truk, 10°10'N, 151°40'E.

Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) continues pursuit of convoy engaged the previous day, and sinks Japanese army cargo ship Chojo Maru off Sarangani Island, 09°15'N, 127°05'E.

USAAF B-25s (38th and 345th Bomb Groups) carry out succession of attacks on Japanese convoy off New Hanover and Kavieng, sinking submarine chaser Ch 39, auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 16, and transport Sanko Maru, 02°24'S, 150°06'E.

Japanese transport Sanko Maru is sunk by aircraft off New Hanover Island, 02°24'S, 150°06'E.

Destroyer Hilary P. Jones (DD-427) is damaged by near-miss of bomb off Anzio.

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