Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fly-Over "World" Series:
Do "Coastal Elites" Care?

Ohio vs. Illinois, Cleveland vs. Chicago:
Prescription for Boredom or Drive to Dullness?

Wade your way through this & try to assume any effects winning & losing might have on election results in said states. (Jeeziz people are deplorable fucking sheep, aren't they?) Or, other-handing it, not.

Been a while.
I s'pose the Cubs, having last been to the Fall Classic three yrs. prior to Cleveland's 1948 Series victory, are more "deserving"; as the N.L. entry* they were screwed out of deserved home field advantage by the All-Star Game result, which is bullshit, Bud Selig. (Although current Commissioner Manfred is now responsible for that travesty. Do something, dude.) Gracious loser here; the Cubs beat the Dodgers, &, that said, they'd better prove themselves worthy & beat Cleveland.
Good rant at source, Sporting News.

*If it's truly random, the Nat'l. League team is to be preferred (designated-hitter rule). On the other other hand, the owners of the Cubs are funders of right-wing crap; the very best result would be a sweep to minimize their (& Fox's) revenue.

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