Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trey Gowdy IS Zippy The Pinhead

No, really.
Zippy is all copyrighted & shit, but we don't care.
Other problems in Congress today: Former L.A.P.D. ossifer thinks he a bad-ass, but he's a punk-ass chump:
C'mon down from the suburbs w/o your thugs & your stick & your gun & we'll see who drops who like a rebuilt transmission, you pencil-necked fascist fairy. (What's w/ these scrawny creeps who can't even fill a man's collar? Meth? Obsessive working out to keep "impure thoughts" away? It is a mystery.)
Congressman Steve Knight talking to an anti-immigration protester outside of his office (Screenshot)
Stolen from RAWSTORY.
On the other hand, he was threatening a bunch of nativist ninnies. If they beat the crap out of each other over whether or not he voted for "amnesty," fine by this reporter.

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