Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tweety Does It Again

Chris Matthews of MSNBC can best be described as a braying donkey. (Yes, there probably are better ways to describe him, but let's leave it at that.) And here's something especially amusing that he brayed, from some media column at Politico.
Matthews: Hillary is 'the Al Sharpton of white people' When Chris Matthews says something he thinks is clever, it usually keeps coming up throughout the night. Early in Tuesday's primary coverage, Matthews said that if Hillary Clinton uses the word "white" once more, she could be called "the Al Sharpton of white people." A couple of hours later, talking to Sen. Bob Casey, Matthews mentioned how he doesn't like using labels like white" or "working class." Matthews said, "We're not sociologists; we're Americans." And again, Matthews likened Clinton, with her use of the word "white," as possibly becoming "the Al Sharpton of white people." Let's see if he makes it a hat trick!
We're not that amused by "Hillary is 'the Al Sharpton of white people,'" but what the fuck does "We're not sociologists; we're Americans," mean? People who work for a living don't exist? There are no class divisions in America? As an alleged political something, or pundit, or whatever the fuck he thinks he is, he ought to have some knowledge of sociology, oughtn't he? And maybe should stop denying the disparity in income & opportunity belying the "American Dream." Fucking mackerel-snapper. Hagee's right, in some respects. The Catholic Church does some serious drain bamage.

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that they live in a world where 'the Al Sharpton of white people' is an effective insult. The subtext is, of course, that anyone who refuses to relentlessly sell out 'their' socioeconomic group is a race/language/religion/class/gender/rap-regionality pimp. All for Whitey! All for Whitey!

In Matthews' defense, every kind of social science is, in fact, for queers. Except market economics, which God handed Moses down from on high before the Commandments.